The Gate Guardian’s Daughter Release!

The Gate Guardian’s Daughter releases today!

I’d like to thank Ellie for the Interview and review. I’d also like to thank Minx for the Review.  Make sure you follow their blogs! For anyone else who was kind enough to take on reviews and for the reviews that already came in (thanks Tabinda) I’d like to extend my appreciation.

Here is the synopsis:

The interplanetary gates require guardians and the reformed demon Malthael is one of them.

His adoptive daughter, Elisabeth, is special, but her dangerous ability hasn’t awoken yet. Malthael knows it will one day and from then on her life will forever be altered. Malthael isolates her from outside world as much to protect everyone else as to safeguard her. It is all he can do to delay the inevitable.

Now that Elisabeth is ten, how long can Malthael keep her confined?

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You can also see reviews from the lovely individuals listed above here on Goodreads.

Spinnings by Marian L. Thorpe

Spinnings is two short stories that takes you from native american hauntings to fairy-tale dreams.

The Spider’s Spinning: Christian is fascinated by a house. Curiosity killed the cat but it did something else entirely to Christian. In the short time you are with him, you get a feeling for his resolution to his own story.

In an Absent Dream: Claire is somewhere between want and need. She dances the line between truth and reality. You don’t necessarily identify with her because much of it remains a mystery but you are intrigued by her.

The Spider’s Spinning: Christian is looking for the house. A famous house that is old and holds many secrets. Christian will find out one of those secrets – to his own end. A form of end at least.

In an Absent Dream: You are dropped right into the middle of the main character’s recounting of events. You follow it along and believe you are reading something left for someone else to find. But where is she going?

Spider’s Spinning deserves 5 stars. It is creepy and expertly executed. In an Absent Dream was a little confusing at the beginning and somewhat jarring but it quickly improved and is a solid 4 stars. It really was vividly told and allowed the reader to quickly grasp Claire’s life. The poem is quaint and is a nice intermission between the two. Overall I loved it and would recommend it without hesitation to others.

5 Stars

Hard at Work…

So it may not seem like much but I’ve been very busy.

I started a new blog. I really don’t feel like I have enough of a grasp on what it takes to be an author to give out any kind of advise. I abandoned this blog a little like a sinking ship. Instead I’m going to be focusing more on what is going on with me.

Blog 2.0

I decided to do movie reviews. I try to do one a day or two a day if I can make up time. I love watching movies. I am always watching movies and TV Shows. Right now I am focusing on movies but I may be breaking into analyzing individual episodes on TV shows. That may or may not come later. I may also be doing entire TV Show seasons.

I started it in May so happy 1 month anniversary is coming up. I’ve already got 20 reviews posted. I try to find more obscure but interesting looking shows on Netflix at least once a week.

Check it out here: An Authors Take

1001 Islands

This is my fantasy pirate book coming out in August. Woot! I am getting books slowly back from my Beta readers. There are only two pending and they have until June 15th. Then I have 2 weeks to get it finalized and given to my editor. This is the first book I’m paying to get professional edited; let’s see if it pays off.

I am still waiting on the cover. It is a little frustrating but I know the artist is busy. I know I am just impatient and I won’t actually need it until July 1st. I just WANT it! A accumulation of all your efforts coming together. I’ll upload and update on cover information as I can.

I am struggling with the back of the book. BoB is being a real jerk face. I have an excellent finishing hook that says ‘please read me’ but not one that says ‘please finish reading the back of the book until the end.’ I am working on it and hope to update that as well soon.

Frost Burn

For those of you who scratch your head wondering…What is this? It is my coauthored book. You can get the first part for free on Wattpad. That way you can get your toes wet and decide if the next 3 parts are worth it or not.

Just click on this link: Frost Burn

Currently we are wrapping up Part 3 and hammering out the final details of part 4 this Sunday. Hopefully we can wrap this baby up by August and get it out by the end of 2015. I know some people love the idea of a Fire and Frost Nation and can’t wait to read it. I’ll keep everyone posted on our progress.

Love’s Metamorphosis

This novella is a contemporary romance I wrote back in 2012. I saw an article about a woman that lost her husband to a traffic accident on their wedding day. She describes standing in the hospital in her wedding dress and it just struck me. I had to write this story. I was compelled to get it down on paper and wrote it in a month flat. It is completely fictional and didn’t take any of the themes besides the woman standing in her wedding dress in the hospital.

However, it is only 37,000 words and not something I plan to pursue. Instead I’ll be putting it up soon (hopefully this month) on Wattpad for free. I hope to have something up here for everyone read about soon. I am working on the back of the book now and hope to have a simple cover up soon as well. Stay posted!

In Progress Book – The Gate Doulogy

I started writing these for a friend of mine. She says ‘these characters, plots, and stories all suck.’ I looked at her and since I had just finished writing another book said ‘I’ll write you one.’ She looked startled but was actually sort of excited.

It is a Dark Fantasy about coming to terms with who you are. It is about self discovery, family, friendship, and not at all about depending on a man. She was very specific on that last one. I was about 10 chapters away from finishing the first one ‘The Sixth Gate’ when I realized I wasn’t done yet. So now I am 10,000 words into the second book. She is thrilled and harasses me to stop writing the second on and finish editing the first one. I’ll get around to it eventually (hopefully before she actually strangles me).

Elisabeth is a half-blood; half-demon, half-human. It makes her a Spiritwalker or Seer (depending on the planet) with the ability to see beyond the world. TO see the dead, to see things for what they really are, and to travel through the spirit lines that ran through every world. Her adoptive father, a reformed demon, is a Gate Guardian. The gates connect the planets to each other. Elisabeth denies who she is until a strange man appears and tries to kill her. When strange things start happening and the Netherworld’s creatures start leaking through to the planets they all know something is wrong. More wrong then Elisabeth being followed around by her personal assassin who promises to kill her the first chance he can. Who is this strange assassin and what is causing the Netherworld to leak through?

This was my NaNoWriMo book for 2014. I hope to finish book 2 before November and move onto my next NaNoWriMo book which right now planned to be a historical romance.


I’d also like to offer to anyone on Wattpad who needs a review. I don’t do fan-fiction but just about everything else.


So that is what I am doing right now. Busy at work.

Short Story Writing Contest Winner (2nd Place)!

I am very excited to announce that I’ve won second place in a short story writing contest. I hesitated to mention anything on here because I haven’t written a short story for a contest in years. I tried writing a few before but I never submitted it. This time I decided to take the leap and commit to one. I decided to start with a low key one that seemed legitimate and see where my strength and weaknesses stuck out. I wanted to personally test myself against other writers.

You can check out the results here: DeviantArt

There were a lot of amazing submissions and I wasn’t sure what the outcome was going to be but I am thrilled. This has given me that boast to perhaps start to compete in more contests. Branch out from my novel writing and give me something else to do between books.

It was fun to use some of my memories and weave a story from real life and using my imagination. Denali National Park has always been a place of wonder for me. Even as an adult I’ve gone deep into the Denali wilderness and been in awe. It is miles and miles of wilderness and the animals that live there. So in a way I accomplished two things, I wrote about something that actually happened and competed in a contest.

If you are interested in reading about Alaska’s Denali National Park with some culture woven in you can read it here: The Bear King.

The review reads: “It begins with the 9-year old protagonist Kayla.  Right from the start KT sets the mood and provides a very descriptive narrative that you can see clearly in your mind.  Little details like the runny nose, the environment, and the child’s and grandmother’s descriptions bring the readers closer to the story.  I had to look up Denali National Park afterwards to see where they were in the dream/fairy tale sequence, and the photos found on google beautifully matched the descriptions that KT wrote.  The transition from grandma’s story about her past and the little girls insertion of herself into the story as it morphed into her dream was tricky to pinpoint.  Otherwise, the story itself was fascinating and the moral to the story was heartwarming not to mention validated by the conclusion.  The animal personalities in the “Bear King” were believably fitted to each animal based on species and behavior, but were also unique to the individual characters too.  It was a sweet story that left me wishing I could follow Kayla into the kitchen at the end and ask grandma how much of her story matched her dream and if any of it was real.”