Travel with number 10 by Ronit Tal Shaltiel


In this book, Number 10 went on a trip to travel the world with the rest of the numbers. When they came to New York, Number 10 liked the place and decided to stay there to explore the city.This book is the third in the series, “The Adventures of the Numbers”. This book makes math fun for kids. It is an educational book. It can also be read as a bedtime story.The book is for children from ages four to seven, who are beginning to learn about numbers and math.


What a cute book! The concept was very solid, and the idea behind it was as well. Especially considering that each stop has the reader work on their math. However there is a problem with execution. The wording was very awkward—almost bland—in a lot of places. The pictures are okay, with a lot of variety, but weren’t particularly eye catching.


3 stars

Cute concept that just needs a little more polishing.



Penny Candy: Hopscotch Trails by Lorna Jackie Wilson


Margo is excited that school has finally let out for summer vacation. She is anxious to visit her best friend, Trisha. They haven’t seen each other since Trisha and her mom moved away to Florida. It’s finally time for best friends to enjoy a fun-filled summer together. But what is this? When she arrives, she finds Trisha has other friends, too. Will they all get along? Will they have fun? Whatever will they do? Penny Candy, The Hopscotch Trails takes you on a journey through the eyes of Margo, a little girl, on summer vacation.

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This is children’s book for sure. It has cute pictures and a simple story, as is appropriate. The story would flow really well sometimes, especially some of the dialogue, but then it would become disjointed and less melodious. There is a series of short stories following young Margo during summer vacation. Some of them were more wholesome then others, but they were all very cute.


3.5 stars (rounded down)

A cute children’s story following a young girl over summer break.

Where did I get it?

Author sent me a copy. This is a voluntary review.

Eyesha and The Great Elephant Gathering by Nadishka Aloysius


Eyesha the baby elephant visits the Minneriya Tank with her family for the first time to experience the annual Great Gathering. Curious and adventurous, she makes new friends – but will she be able to stay out of trouble?


This is just too cute! A sweet short story about a young elephant who is spunky and curious. I read it in one sitting! I loved the subtle information drops about elephants and how they are. Good for reading to younger kids. It also contains a lot of useful information at the end that was just as fun to read as the story.


4 stars

This is an adorable little read. If you love elephants and your children do, this is a great read before bed.

Where did I get it?

Author gifted a copy to me.