Reviews – Alphabetical 

I did not receive monetary compensation for doing these reviews. They are my opinion and are not meant to be anything more than an guide to fellow readers. If you would like a review done go to my about page and read about me and my submission guidelines. It will also have what the format rules are and how to contact me.


Abigail, Melissa – Judge by the Cover (Book 1) (Young Adult) (Review)(Amazon)

Al-Shanti, Noor – Wandering Storm (Fantasy) (Review)(Amazon)

Anderson, Sara-Lisa – Until We Lay (Contemporary Romance) (Review)(Amazon)

Arcane, Annie – Hart Broken #1 (Contemporary Romance) (Review) (Amazon)

Arcane, Annie – Hart of His #2 (Contemporary Romance) (Review) (Amazon)

Ashworth Barry, Brenda – Seasons of Love and War (Book 1) (Romance) (Review)(Amazon)


Bagala, Nicola – The Fall of the Gods (Sci-fi) (Review) (Amazon)

Bain, Byrdie Walker – The Secret of Sinbad’s Cave(Natnat Adventures #1)(Review)(Amazon)

Brosky, Ken – The Proving (YA Sci-Fi) (Review) (Amazon)

Bryce, Megan  – Some Like it Ruthless  (Romance) (Review) (Amazon)

Burnell, Samantha – The Tudor Heresy (Short story) (Review)(Amazon)

Butcher, Jim – Skin Game (Urban Fantasy) (Review) (Amazon)


Castle, Richard – Nikki Heat (Mystery) (Review) (Amazon)

Charters, Robby – The Zondon (Sci-fi) (Review) (Amazon)

Cobets, Stjepan Varesevac – Godeena (Sci-fi) (Review) (Amazon)

Cole, Dia – Lover in Hell (Short Story Paranormal Romance) (Review) (Amazon)

Creek, Tina – Cupid’s Chance (Romance) (Review)(Amazon)

Crichton, Michael – Jurassic Park (Urban Sci-Fi) (Review) (Amazon)

Crichton, Michael – The Lost World (Urban Sci-Fi) (Review) (Amazon)

Crofoot, Joel – Michael’s Passion (A Series of Angels #1) (Paranormal Romance) (Review) (Amazon)

Crofoot, Joel – Ramatel’s Vow (A Series of Angels #2) (Paranormal Romance) (Review) (Amazon)

Crofoot, Joel – Asael’s Nature (A Series of Angels #3) (Paranormal Romance) (Review)(Amazon)

Culey, A.J. – Sehmah’s Truth (Book 1) (Fantasy) (Review) (Amazon)

Cumpstey, Ian – The Faraway North (Folklore) (Review) (Amazon)


Devo, James – Blood Red (The Wonder #1) (Steampunk Fantasy) (Review) (Amazon)

Diamond, Jaine – Dirty Like Me (Romance) (Review)(Amazon)

Drake, Darrell – A Star-Reckoner’s Lot (Fantasy) (Review) (Amazon)


Eggleton, Robert – Rarity from the Hollow (Sci-Fi) (Review) (Amazon)

Espano, Katherine – The Infinity Bloom (Dystonian) (Review) (Amazon)

Esther, C. – Oasis in the Clouds (YA Fantasy) (Review) (Amazon)

EXO Books – The Last Day of the Captain Lincoln (Sci-fi?) (Review) (Amazon)


Fennell, Kait – 251 Things to Do in Tofino: And it is NOT just about Surfing (Travel) (Review)(Amazon)


Gaylord, Adam – Sol of the Coliseum (Fantasy) (Review) (Amazon)

Gribble, J.L. – Steel Victory (Fantasy) (Review) (Amazon)




Johnson, A.M.H – Midnight Over Moores (Book #1) (YA Paranormal) (Review)(Amazon)


Kalis, J.A. – The Travel Mate (Suspense) (Review)(Amazon)

Kay, Angela – The Murder of Manny Grimes (Mystery) (Review) (Amazon)

Keaton, Chris – Living Dead Girl (Paranormal) (Review)(Amazon)

Keyworth, Philippa Jane – Fool Me Twice (Historical Romance) (Review)(Amazon)

Klink, Melody – Diamond Marked (Young Adult) (Review)(Amazon)

Kortekaas, Colin – Titan Lost (Book 1) (Sci-fi) (Review)(Amazon)


Larue, Lydia – Naked Desire (Desire #2) (Short Story) (Review) (Amazon)

Lawrence, Jax – Beauty and the Beast: An Erotic Tale (Erotica) (Review) (Amazon)

Lee, Tia – Vermilion Tears (Historical) (Review) (Amazon)

Leib, R. – Albedo (Sci-fi) (Review)

Leib, R. – Negative’s Tale (Sci-fi) (Review) (Amazon)

Leigh, Ember – The Last Resort (Romance) (Review) (Amazon)

Lenore, J.S. – Burner (Supernatural) (Review)(Amazon)

Lopez, Sandra – Beyond the Gardens (Romance) (Review) (Amazon)

Ly, Milly – Intercrossed (YA Romance) (Review) (Amazon)

Naked Desire (Desire #2) by Lydia


Macareag, Dennis – Somewhere in the Shallow Sea: A Novel of Suspense (Suspense) (Review) (Amazon)

Mars, Alexandra – Deadman’s Planet: Lady Dana of the Badlands (Episode #1) (Sci-fi) (Review) (Amazon)

Maurice, Christa – Not Second Best (Drawn to the Rhythm #5) (Review) (Amazon)

Mayer, Dale – Tuesday’s Child (Mystery) (Review) (Amazon)

Miller, R.G. – The Twins (Mystery) (Review) (Amazon)

Mount, Misty – Shadow Girl (Young Adult) (Review)(Amazon)

Morgan, Jayelle – Burn (Elemental Hearts #1) (Paranormal Romance) (Review) (Amazon)

Morgan, Jayelle – Rise (Elemental Hearts #2) (Paranormal Romance) (Review) (Amazon)



Otasanya, Yemisi – Above the Ether (Sci-fi)  (Review)


Panse, Sonal- The Sunshine Time (YA Romance – Serial) (Review) (Amazon)

Paschke, Suzanne – At First Light (Mount Kiernon #1) (Romance) (Review) (Amazon)

Patrick, Benedict – They Mostly Come Out at Night (Fantasy) (Review) (Amazon)

Patrick, Benedict – Where the Waters turn Black (Fantasy) (Review) (Amazon)

Perks, Martin – A Sense of Discovery (Suspense) (Review) (Amazon)

Perrin, Bruce M. – In the Space of an Atom (Science Fiction) (Review) (Amazon)

Potter, Alistair – Perax Frontier (Science Fiction) (Review) (Amazon)



Rabbiosi, C.F. – Loved by a Killer (Book 1) (Paranormal Romance) (Review) (Amazon)

Rabbiosi, C.F. – Loved by the First (Book 2) (Paranormal Romance) (Review)(Amazon)

Rose, K.B. – In What Remains (Romance) (Review) (Amazon)


Saman, J. – Start Again (Romance) (Review)(Amazon)

Saph, Jay – The Inhibited (Dystopian) (Review) (Amazon)

Schmidt, Carl – Dead Down East (Jesse Thorpe #1) (Mystery) (Review)(Amazon)

Smith, Jeffery – Perfect Timing (Sci-Fi) (Review)(Amazon)

Snicket, Lemony – The Wide Window (Series of Unfortunate Events #3) (Review) (Amazon)

Snicket, Lemony – The Miserable Mill (Series of Unfortunate Events #4)(Review) (Amazon)

Spotson, Scott – Life II (Science Fiction) (Review)(Amazon)

Spotson, Scott – Strange Life of Brandon Chambers (Speculative Fiction) (Review) (Amazon)

Stillwood, James – West Quarry Farm (Suspense) (Review)(Amazon)

Stone, C.K. and Tormen, Tia – Hidden Design: The Prophecy (Erotica) (Review)(Amazon)

Stone, Andria – Edge of the Future (Science Fiction) (Review) (Amazon)

Swenson, Daniel – The Farthest City (Sci-Fi) (Review)(Amazon)


Teeney, Lars – The Shackled Scribes (Fantasy) (Review) (Amazon)

Thompson, Rachael L. – YOU U: Unconventional advice… (Non-Fiction) (Review) (Amazon)

Thorpe, Marian L. – Empire’s Daughter (YA Fantasy) (Review) (Amazon)

Thorpe, Marian L. – Spinnings (Short Story – Fantasy) (Review) (Amazon)

Toroid, Ash – Tooth Goblins (YA Fantasy) (Review) (Amazon)

Triana, D.C. – Sunset Reads: William and Christina (Review)(Amazon)

Troske, Ryan – The Rising (Supernaturals Book 1) (Paranormal) (Review)(Amazon)

Tucker, David – Genesis: The Battle Within (Pillars of Creation #1) (Sci-Fi) (Review)(Amazon)



Vaughn, Scarlett – Eronica Unbound (Erotica) (Review)


Weil, Paul – Themis (Sci-fi) (Review) (Amazon)

Weir, Andy – The Martian (Sci-fi) (Review) (Amazon)

Wiggins, M. – Gamma (Sci-Fi) (Review)(Amazon)

Wilde Blue Sky – Legacy (Alt. History) (Review) (Amazon)




Zyz, Zak – Xan & Ink (Fantasy) (Review)(Amazon)

Guest Reviews: Tea of the Day (Cat’s Tea House)

Kenson, Peter – Two Heirs (Fantasy) (Review) (Amazon)




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