Shards of Fantasy – Hydra Productions

Title: A Ghostly Gate

Blurb Unwritten

The Curse – Crazy Ink Anthologies

Title: The Truest Gate 

Publication Date: November 3, 2019

When Aqitaka is swept up into the Wild Hunt he is lost to its irresistible sway. Seduced by its shadowy power he rides the worlds an instrument of the Lord of the Hunt. That is until he locks eyes with Ellaria’s stormy gaze and her very essence revives his humanity.

What should have been the most beautiful midsummer day quickly becomes dangerous for Ellaria as terrifying shadow creatures fall from the sky. Her day is further complicated when an injured man asks for her help and as a healer she cannot abandon anyone in need. Ellaria doesn’t know where the strange man came from only that she is irrevocably drawn to him.

When Aqitaka’s planet calls him home, will he choose to answer its demand or remain with Ellaria?

Worlds Apart – Stained Glass Publishing

Title: Pandemonium

Publication Date: December 29, 2018

She doesn’t know who she is or where she is. She doesn’t even know her name. All she knows is that the place she is at doesn’t make sense and everything is trying to kill her. As she discovers the world around her isn’t exactly what she thought it was, her memories slowly return. Piece by piece she puts it together but the question is, will she put it all together in time?

Holiday Chords – Stained Glass Publishing

Title: Alaskan Christmas

Publication Date: December 21, 2018

Lacey left Alaska for college under the haze of scandal and she never looked back. She didn’t plan to until her sister told her that their father was dying. Hoping to mend fences before it was too late, she rushes home to face her uncompromising step-mom and a past she’d rather forget. What Lacey doesn’t expect is reconnecting with an old friend. Unlike her family Travis stirs a lot of different memories and emotions she’d forgotten about. Now she is left wondering what her first Alaskan Christmas in years will entail?