Incidentia MMX by Clive Hawkswood


Do you believe?
Italy, 1631: a priest is protected from the Inquisition after levitating during a Mass.
USA, fifteen years ago: a young girl miraculously escapes unscathed from a deadly house fire.
France, this year: an elderly nun goes missing.
Germany, this year: a harmless hermit goes fishing and is never seen alive again.

Frank Kingdom knows better than anyone what connects these events. And they mean he must return to the The Desa Foundation. A secret has kept him away from its headquarters for many years. Now he must do whatever it takes to get back there and save it.

If he fails, his secret will be revealed.
If he fails, the centuries old Foundation will be destroyed.
If he fails, the zealots of Malleus Dei will launch a bloody crusade on the world.

But Kingdom will fight to prevent all of that because he doesn’t just believe.
He knows….



I was a little divided on Frank Kingdom. He was an interesting character but the way he was portrayed was underwhelming at times. Trinity was like a wounded bird but tough and resourceful. At times Christine or even the ‘villain’ were more interesting then Frank, when he should have been the most interesting character. There were long chapters with point of view (POV) breaks. Mostly the narrative follows a single character well, most of it being with Frank, but there are POV shifts right in the middle (without a break) which muddled the perspectives.


Interesting but predictable. The author leads you down a path and then fulfills that promise. Which was both nice and disappointing. There was no twist other then the additional fight scene at the end. What should have been a tense secondary climax ended like a cheesy bond villain. The story does wrap up nicely. Overall I’d label this a slow burning suspense. It’s a good book in it’s category and although it wasn’t appeal at times for me, if you like lots of detail and lots of hints, this would be great book to pick up!

I am not a fan of religious books, but this didn’t press the reader. Instead it explored history and wrapped the know with the unknown. It is less about God and Catholicism and more about believing in miracles. That play on hope is a positive aspect of the novel. I won’t give away the final ‘twist’ but it is so heavily hinted that honestly I’ll be surprised if you miss it.


The story was long winded at times. The tension in the novel could greatly been improved by making the writing punchier. There were times the story languished because of the over descriptive and detailed language. Even worse it felt like it rambled at times, almost like it was streaming someone’s consciousness. That was coupled with great analogies and great action sequences. I enjoyed the relationship and dialogue between Frank and Trinity, it was a highlight of the novel.


3.5 (rounded down)

A slow burning suspense that has a decent lead and plot.

Where did I get it?

Kindle Unlimited.

Zendar: A Tale of Sand

The second review from this weeks Blog Tour for Zendar: A Tale of Sand. Thank you for the review, Sherrie! Make sure you come and check out Seven Troublesome Sisters’ blog!

Seven Troublesome Sisters

Today it is my pleasure to welcome author K. T. Munson and her fantasy romance short prequel  Zendar: A Tale of Sand.

Author’s description

Zendar is a world of sand and strife.


Living in the great capital of Zendar, Sol, Nitya has always longed for something more than her family’s merchant lifestyle. She craves adventure—or at least hopes something remotely exciting could happen. When her best friend, Juni, secures them both positions in the palace’s kitchen, Nitya gets to experience a different world than she ever imagined—especially after a young soldier catches her eye.


Her world will never be the same.

 My Review

Zendar: A Tale of Sand is pure fun. In this light, fast read author Munson introduces an interesting world, a believable and likable family, and a sweet young woman every reader will enjoy.

When Nitya’s yearning for adventure brings her into contact with a…

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Zendar: A Tale of Sand by K.T. Munson Review and Giveaway with Pine Enshrined Reviews and Goddess Fish Promotions.

Thanks so much for the review of Zendar: A Tale of Sand! Make sure to check out Pine Enshrined Reviews Blog!! ❤

Pine Enshrined Reviews

Zendar is a world of sand and strife.

Living in the great capital of Zendar, Sol, Nitya has always longed for something more than her family’s merchant lifestyle. She craves adventure—or at least hopes something remotely exciting could happen. When her best friend, Juni, secures them both positions in the palace’s kitchen, Nitya gets to experience a different world than she ever imagined—especially after a young soldier catches her eye.

Her world will never be the same.


“Her.” The guard pointed in her direction. “She was there.”

Nitya froze, unsure what she was being accused of. Today was supposed to be her last day. She’d gotten to see more of the palace and was quite content to return home. What was happening?

“Me?” Nitya heard herself say dumbly.

Sergeant Ramas seemed equally as surprised. “Are you sure?” he asked the guard.

“I’m sure. She and a man served the…

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Regency Romance Blurb Poll—please participate!

I need YOUR help. I am a little out of my element but I’ve decided to publish a regency romance titled An Honest Misunderstanding sometime in the future. It is already written it and everything! Well now I need to come up with a blurb for it…now I need input because I just don’t love it.


When an unexpected announcement takes the three Locke sisters from their quiet country home and thrusts them into polite society, their lives will never be the same.

Jane has always tried to do what was right for her family while trying to protect her shy sister Cassandra and reign in her willful sister Anne. Determined to ensure each of them are happy, Jane is willing to sacrifice her future for an advantageous marriage. If only her first encounter with Mr. Sinclair hadn’t gone so poorly, she might have a chance at happiness as well. It is unfortunate he dislikes her so much when she can’t seem to stop thinking about him.

Edward Sinclair swore he’d never let another woman anywhere near his heart. That is until the sincere and fiery Jane Locke comes to Harth. He is certain the Lockes’ are there to take advantage of a woman he admires greatly, and he is determined to protect her as she had done for him. Despite what his mind is telling him he can’t stay away…

Have more input? Make a comment for a chance to have a character with your name or even name a character in this sweet regency romance!


Apparently because I have a 5 star review, Zendar: A Tale of Sand is up for book of the month in February on Long and Short Review Blog!

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Voting is only open for 2 days – March 1st and 2nd! So if you have time, please go and vote for Zendar! Thank you for the support! ❤

It’s been such a whirlwind month, thank you February, now let’s start March off right!

Zendar Prequel Blog Tour – Week 3!

Say goodbye to February and say hello to Week 3! I can’t believe it is already passed the halfway point of the tour already! If you haven’t already make sure you enter to win that $10 gift card.

March 2: Seven Troublesome Sisters
March 2: Pine Enshrined Reviews

Last I checked I was at 29 reviews on Goodreads. I am so close to 30 reviews, I can taste it! Thank you to everyone and your support!

Speaking of reviews, check out what I got:

You read that right, a 5 star review from Long and short reviews!!!! Check it out here: Thank you so much to my reviewer from this blog!

Also, a special thanks to Goddess Fish Promotions.

As a reminder Zendar: A Tale of Sand is FREE on most platforms including Kindle Unlimited.


Barnes & Noble


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2021 Writing Updates and Goals!

Wow. I was looking back through and I haven’t done a writing update or goals since 2018. Looks like it is time to bring that back for 2021!

Goals for my writing for 2021:

  1. Unfathomable Plan
    1. Finish writing
    2. Editing
    3. Beta Readers (2021)
    4. Professional Editor (2021)
    5. Cover
    6. Pick Publish Date
    7. Publish
  2. The Gate Trilogy Short Story Collection
    1. Finish Writing – Story 1/2 done, story 3 nearly done
    2. Edit – Story 1/2 done
    3. Professional edit – story 1/2 done
    4. Cover
    5. Pick Publish Date
    6. Publish
  3. Work on other writing projects:
    1. Zendar 3
      1. Finish Outline
      2. Start Writing (Two chapters in!)
      3. Finish Writing 2022
    2. 1001 Islands 2
      1. Finish Outline
      2. Start Writing (NaNoWriMo)
      3. Finish Writing 2023
    3. Seven Eves – Alaskan Supernatural Crime Novel (on hold)
    4. Demon’s Due – Paranormal Erotica/Romance
    5. Noble Chronicles Series (5 Books Planned)
  4. Consider Publishing Love’s Metamorphosis in eBook
  5. Rewriting Projects
    1. An Honest Misunderstanding
      1. Rewrite
      2. Professional editor
      3. Cover
      4. Pick Publish Date
      5. Publish
    2. Truthseer
      1. Rewrite
      2. Submit for traditional publishing
  6. Rewrite/Complete Writing Projects
    1. Red Door
    2. The Lady of the Light Trilogy
  7. Participate in NaNoWriMo 2021
    1. Will be writing 1001 Islands 2
  8. Keep up momentum on writing events, speaking events, and conventions. Let’s hope they don’t all get cancelled liked last year!
    1. Blog Tour (February 16-March 9, 2021)
    2. Arctic Comic Com (October 2021)
  9. Read 25

Writing updates:

Now that Zendar: A Tale of Wind and Sand is published, I’ve begun preparing Unfathomable Plan for publication! I’m trying to decide which one to publish first. While trying to decide if I should publish Unfathomable Plan or The Gate Trilogy Short Story Collection (3 stories), I ended up getting the cover done for An Honest Misunderstanding and started rewriting. Now I have three contenders for the fall of 2021. It is going to come down to which one’s pieces fall into place first!

I’ve also decided to take my writing skills and rewrite Truthseer and try to get it traditionally published again. I wrote this story for my sister and I promised I’d try to get it traditionally published again. Reading through it…this book needs a total rewrite, so I’ve rolled up my sleeves and gotten started. Stay tuned for more updates on this YA Fantasy!

Reading Goal:

It is my goal to read 25 books. I’ve already got eight under my belt and hope to keep pushing forward. I’ve also started reviewing some webtoons and mangas. Such fun!

Happy reading!

Unfathomable Chance Review!

I wanted to thank Alina of III for her wonderful and honest review of Unfathomable Chance. As a fellow sci-fi author she absolutely described exactly what this first book is. Although it wasn’t 100% her cup of tea I still wanted to share it with all of you because she very much captured all the humor and adventure that makes Unfathomable Chance a fun YA read!

You can check it out the four star review on her blog:

Here is my favorite part:

If you are looking for another sci-fi book, make sure to check out her book as well. It is a dystopian sci-fi thriller titled Entanglement is available at AmazonSmashwordsKoboApple, and Barnes&Noble.

The Collector by Stjepan Varesevac Cobets


They were kidnapped.
Nobody knows where they are.
They all receive instructions to follow the path through the forest.
What they discover will come as a true shock.
The truth is hidden under a veil of secrets.



I had a hard time getting into the novella. I stumbled through the first half of the book; stilted sentences, poor editing, and constant head hopping all made for a confusing read. Thankfully the second half of the story was so fascinating that the earlier issues were forgotten as Victoria learns the truth. I also enjoyed the interesting twist at the end and imagination the author displayed. This is a very plot heavy story and except for Victoria, very few of the other characters are developed. So if you are looking for characters that feel real, go somewhere else, this book’s entire strength is in its plot. It’s starts off jarring, but ends leaving the reader wanting to know what adventures lie ahead for Victoria and George.


3.5 stars (rounded down)

An imaginative sci-fi that needs more character development and another round of editing, but has the potential to really shine.

Where did I get a copy?

Kindle Unlimited.

Zendar Prequel – Blog Tour Week 2!

Week 2 is just starting. Week one had quite a few comments and I look forward to more this week. Not to mention the wonderful reviews from the book bloggers (thanks!).

February 23: Literary Gold
February 23: Long and Short Reviews

Last I looked I was up to 24 reviews on Goodreads! Woo-hoo!

As a reminder Zendar: A Tale of Sand is FREE on most platforms including Kindle Unlimited.


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