About/Review Submission Guidelines

I am Alaskan born and raised. Writing is my passion and I indulge in it daily. I write whatever strikes my fancy so I will be posting sample chapters, queries, and reviews.

It is my sole purpose in writing to create worlds that people can lose themselves in. That at the end of the book you look back and are going to miss the place I just constructed in words and imagination. That the characters felt real and you might miss most of them…maybe even the ‘bad guy.’ Come and explore the worlds I have created.


K.T. Munson is a independent author with a passion for building worlds with words. First published at 5 years old in the young writers conference, she has pursued writing ever since. She maintains a blog creatingworldswithwords.wordpress.com that is about writing and her novels. She was born and raised in the last frontier, the great state of Alaska. 

I can be contacted though the Contact Form.

Published Books:

North & South (General Fantasy) Amazon and Goodreads

Zendar: A Tale of Blood and Sand (Romantic Fantasy) Amazon, Goodreads,  Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble

1001 Islands (Pirate Fantasy) Amazon, Goodreads,  Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble

Frost Burn (Fantasy-Coauthored with Nichelle Rae) Part 1 – Wattpad Full Novel – Amazon, Goodreads,  Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble

Unfathomable Chance (Urban Sci-Fi, Young Adult) – Amazon (Also on audiobook) and Goodreads

The Gate Guardian’s Daughter (Dark Fantasy) – Amazon and Goodreads

The Sixth Gate (Dark Fantasy, Young Adult) – The Gate Trilogy Book 1 – Amazon and Goodreads

The Nowhere Gate (Dark Fantasy, Young Adult) – The Gate Trilogy Book 2 –

Pending Releases

Audible Release (Zendar: A Tale of Blood & Sand) – Spring 2019

The King’s Gate (Dark Fantasy, Young Adult) – The Gate Trilogy Book 3 – Fall 2019

Unnamed Book  (Unfathomable Chance 2 or 1001 Islands 2 or Zendar 2) – 2020

Request a Review

Despite some bad experiences with authors I’m tentatively opening back up my review requests to limited genres. Your book must be able to standalone and you have to be able to provide a mobi copy. If you need help with formatting go Here.

Genres I’m presently accepting:

  • Update 6/27/2018: I need a good mystery novel! These get preference!
  • Romance (paranormal presently get preference but all welcome) F/M preferred.
  • Steampunk (I need a good one)
  • Supernatural (regular or crime)
  • Some sci-fi/fantasy but I’m being picky about it so fair warning.

No zombies (I’ve done my one for the year), time travel, excessive gore/violence, religious themed, or love triangles. I don’t like weak willed female/male leads unless they grow up quickly.

Really sell your book to me. Make sure I know why it is unique but still something I’ll love based on other books I’ve read. I love TV shows/movies as much as books have watched way too many of them, you can gamble on comparing your book to one. If I love the show/movie/book I’ll be more likely to consider it but be prepared to deliver!

If you don’t see your genre check back later, I’m sure more will be added as time goes by. Also check out some great review groups on Goodreads that I highly recommend:

Review SWAP

Genre Specific Review Group

Information to include in your request – genre, summary, title, author name, etc.

If your book meets these conditions follow these steps:

  1. Follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook 
  2. Subscribe to one of my Mailing Lists
  3. Request a Review by going here Contact Form.


My rating scale is similar to the 5 star system:

5 stars – this book is so good that I want there to be more of them! I probably lost sleep reading it because it was just so amazing that stopping was not an option. This is a flawless piece of work that joins the greats in my humble opinion. Loved it.

4 stars – this was a solid book that I enjoyed enough that I’ll likely recommend it to other people. It had a strong enough aspect that the not as good parts didn’t distract me. Liked it.

3 stars – didn’t like it but didn’t dislike it either. I enjoyed enough parts of it that I finished it but at least one major issue or problem kept me from actually liking it. Enjoyable read.

2 stars – something was fundamentally wrong with this book and had enough issues that I can’t bring myself to even like it. Disliked it.

1 star – probably didn’t even finish it and I hate it so much that I want to burn it. Hated it.

Paid Services

Print and eBook formatting. Go to my paid services page: Here.


I’ve received a few requests to host during a blog tour or promote a book prior to a release. Presently I do not recommend books that I haven’t read nor promote them on my blog. I wanted to save everyone some time for any future requests that come through – not at this time. If I change my mind I’ll include information on this later. For now, review requests only. DO NOT REQUEST BLOG TOUR ANYTHING.

Chapter Exchanges

Haven’t finished your manuscript? That’s okay. I am willing to do chapter exchanges with other indie authors. I always have 2 books ahead of publishing schedule that I’d love to get more opinions on. Please send me an email and we can exchange chapters. Usually it is just one chapter that is about 2,000 words give or take. A list of questions you want answered, such as is there a hook or is a specific scene clear. Email me and we can talk more!

Mentoring – NaNoWirMo

I also mentor young authors. I’ve been there, and survived it! I’ve been writing since I was 5 and only took a break during college for 3 years. If you are having trouble or want a mentor on NaNoWriMo, don’t hestitate to email me or find me on NaNoWriMo and send me a message. My username is K.T. Munson on NaNoWriMo.


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