Paid Services



I can usually format books within one week after receiving the final manuscript. I can format for Smashwords, Kindle, and Createspace. I can prepare PDFs and word documents in the format requested (with parts, chapter headers, etc.). I can test mobi and ePub files if needed. Costs depending on services but usually between $10-$100.

If you want either of these services go to my contact page: HERE.

“After K.T. Munson converted my debut novel into Kindle format, I found she did such a good job, I wanted her to do my second novel. If you’re needing or wanting you books into an eBook, I recommend using her services.” You can check Angela Kay out here: Website, Goodreads

Angela Kay, Author of Blood Runs Cold

“Because my publisher doesn’t offer a way for me to get my own .mobi file of my books, I’ve spent countless of days and hours attempting to make my own file to give away if I so choose. Unfortunately, it never looked right doing it myself. So, I enlisted K.T. Munson’s help and I was […]

Angela Kay, Author of The Murder of Manny Grimes

“Having K.T. Munson’s expertise onboard was invaluable. I lacked the skills needed to produce the much needed .mobi and epub files, and now I can send out well formatted electronic files for preview. My paperback file and kindle file also benefited from her talents and the final presentation of both were improved. Excellent quick and efficient service, […]

Sam Burnell, Author of A Queen’s Spy

“As an independent author just finishing a novel and revising it for the umpteenth time is not enough. There is also getting ARCs out for much needed, valued reviews, but that is not always easy because readers like to read in different preferred formats: word, pdf, mobi, and epub are just a few. For me, word […]

Tia Lee, Author of Vermilion Tears