Gabriel’s Send-Off by Elle Danielson

**Contains Adult Content**


Practically every woman at Klingman and Landis Accounting has a crush on their office manager Gabriel. He’s thoughtful, honest, and fills out a business suit like a GQ model. Of course there are strict policies against hooking up with the boss, but when Gabe announces he’s leaving the company, a few of his most ardent devotees come up with a plan to show him their appreciation. Will their beloved supervisor take them up on their offer?


This was an erotica with a sweet vein. I have too say there are two redeeming factors in this book – the main guy, Gabriel, seems like a genuinely nice guy and the steamy scenes were very sexy. There was a sweetness to them mixed with the hotness. Although there were a few words used that were more crude and disrupted the flow, there weren’t many of them.

It is fast paced and easy to read in one sitting. There were a few character inconsistencies that weren’t logical, but for the genre it wasn’t the focus. I was surprised at the depth of character development and it brought an extra layer to the story. The biggest drawback was the story felt like it rushed to be something that didn’t fit quite right. Although it was cute it was also very impulsive.


3. 5 stars (rounded up)

I have to round this up just for how sweet Gabe was. He really did feel like a nice guy. Drawbacks aside this was a cute short read with just the right amount of steam.

Where did I get it?

Picked up a copy on Amazon.