Petscapade (Mystery Book Club 1) by Nadishka Aloysius


Five friends join together to form the Mystery Book Club. However, what starts as a fun Saturday afternoon meet-up, soon develops into an investigation. Someone is stealing cats in the neighbourhood. Guided by the books they love, the friends search for the culprit. Will they be able to catch the thief before he strikes again?
A coming of age tale set in the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo, the story takes the youngsters through an adult world of prejudice and social norms. As they attempt to solve the mystery, they also learn to navigate new waters.
This will also appeal to lovers of cozy mysteries and vintage settings like the well-loved Enid Blyton books, and bring in a new era of amateur sleuths.



Cute read for kids who like mysteries involving multiple kiddos. I struggled with some of the situations being genuine but they were entertaining. The most genuine part of the story was the varied adult responses to the children’s shenanigans.  Some where very supportive while others were against their choices/involvement. That was a very good lesson. A secondary part of the story that was very heartening to read, were the cultural difference between Sri Lanka and the U.S. For those who don’t live in that region, they could benefit from seeing what other cultures are like (such as not being able to bring books home, servants, and the strict social interactions of children from bothering neighbors and the like). One drawback was the adult-like dialogue for such young children – I wasn’t sure if this was something common in Sri Lanka.


3.5 Stars (rounded up)

The case of the missing cat isn’t the most interesting part of this story but acts as a platform for multiple lessons. For sure a children’s book.

Where did I get it?

I received a copy from the author. This is a voluntary review.


Eyesha and The Great Elephant Gathering by Nadishka Aloysius


Eyesha the baby elephant visits the Minneriya Tank with her family for the first time to experience the annual Great Gathering. Curious and adventurous, she makes new friends – but will she be able to stay out of trouble?


This is just too cute! A sweet short story about a young elephant who is spunky and curious. I read it in one sitting! I loved the subtle information drops about elephants and how they are. Good for reading to younger kids. It also contains a lot of useful information at the end that was just as fun to read as the story.


4 stars

This is an adorable little read. If you love elephants and your children do, this is a great read before bed.

Where did I get it?

Author gifted a copy to me.