Zendar A Tale of Blood and Sand: Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Blood is how it all began, and only by blood can it end. The dying planet of Zendar began to lose its oceans, seas, and rivers. The land, once covered nearly entirely by water, began to lose its oceans and rivers. Only sand and sun was left behind.

Wars began to break out over the control of water and lives were lost in the pursuit of greatness. In the most desperate times, the best of men were assembled and sent forth to find the cause of the world’s decline. Nearly fifty men left to find and potentially solve the problem with the planet over millennia ago. They did not find what they had gone for but they found something else entirely. The seven men that returned came to be known as the Bloodline.

They returned with a variety of powers; some were strong and useful, while others would manifest themselves with strange abilities. Six of those great men became powerful rulers and led their people out of the darkness and into the light. For a time, Zendar prospered.

Do not forget, there were seven men that returned from the travels to the end of the world. The last returned with no known power and was cast out as weak and useless, as Zendar had not blessed him like the rest. A good man died that day and what remained was one who festered in his hatred and plotted against the peace of the six cities.

Slowly, he turned one against the other. He used a variety of tactics such as greed or retaliation of an act committed by himself or another and he always blamed on one of the six Bloodlines. It was not until later, after his life had surpassed that of his past companions that he knew what his gift had been; he was undying. He lived to be nearly four hundred years old and hardly aged a day from the moment he had returned.

It was on his two hundredth birthday that he began a campaign against the other six cities. They were already fighting amongst themselves and this folly had left them vulnerable. Zendarians were long-lived and aged very slowly. Most did not have graying hair until well after a century of life. It was theorized that if he had not been killed in battle, the seventh man would have continued to live on through eternity forever while appearing to be the age of twenty.

The seventh man was known as Haden. Before his death in 4048, he had enjoyed a life of stolen power and captured brides, as was customary for a conquering enemy. He had 14 legitimate children throughout his life, taking his last bride when he was three hundred and nine. He also had a string of illegitimate children although very few of them survived to adulthood, because most were killed by the descendants of the other six men.

Not all children of the Bloodline display variations of the powers of the original seven, but most had some level of power. After years of war and the death and ruin of many of the cities, most of the Bloodlines had reunited in order to avoid extinction. Daughters were traded to powerful men who could keep their children and wives safe from those wishing to destroy the Bloodline.

Of the six ruling families, only three remained in true power, while two others maintained the safety of the Bloodline in small provinces. Azel, the youngest daughter of the Kaheron family, had inherited the rare gift to bend the flesh of living things to her will from the lost family of Vandi. She had been promised to the advisor of the Liege of the great city of Momby. Her father ruled Undel by his immense strength and was a true child of the Kaheron Bloodline. Her mother had been blessed with the ability to walk on air, a gift from her Lin ancestors.

The Liege Kavil of Momby was the descendant of Byden, and defended his home with a powerful ability to control the sands. Another highly advanced city was Imoten, who was named for his ancestor. The Liege was impermeable and no weapon would penetrate his impossibly hard skin. Momby, Imoten, and Undel were united in the front against the Liege, who descended from seventh man.

The Liege Aleron, offspring of Haden Corvinus the Conqueror, alone remains the ruler of the entire empire that his ancestors reclaimed. Ruthless and driven by a want he cannot fill, Aleron longs only to reclaim what his ancestors had been denied many moons ago. Whatever he desires he takes from those that oppose him and his resolute wish is to conquer the whole of the planet. He will not rest until Zendar is united by his rule.

The last of the Julius Bloodline had long since vanished, their line having died out and their blood so far diluted that the ability to shift form had fallen only to a chosen few. They hid in the shadows and were known as the Guardians – only a few that descended from all seven Bloodlines were able to see them for what they were.

One house of the seven had gone into hiding, and two more were reduced to a pitiful state. Three held the power firmly in hand, and the seventh yearned to ruin them all.



House Byden, City of Momby

Control of the Sands

House Corvinus, City of Sol and City of Nova

Eternal Youth

House Imoten, City of Imoten

Impenetrable Skin

House Julius, lost City of Hasheen

Shape Shifters

House Kaheron, City of Undel

Immense Strength

House Lin, City of Quen

Create Water, Walk on Air

House Vandi, lost City of Vera

Bend Blood


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