It has been fifty years since the last Truthseer walked the planet. The tribesmen of the Badlands grow anxious with each passing year. Creatures of nightmarish form that lurk beyond the wall grow restless; they can smell change in the air.  Never before had a Truthseer been born beyond the walls that separated the Badlands from the Kingdoms. Along the border was where OLIVIA, daughter of a general, was born. She was raised on the battle front, learned in strategy, and fated for greatness. Born from death, and by her claim to an ancient bloodline, she is the last of the Truthseers.

Orphaned, she travels far from the home she has always known to live with her Aunt but fate will not let her sit idly by. After saving ALLARD, King of Centa, she leaves in order to rescue her friend from an abusive husband. Fleeing back to her home she is forced into the Badlands with a half-breed named HADISH. VILAD, member of an ancient race known as the Dryden, will guide her through her journey as the savior of their world. His race fell to the darkness in order to imprison it, and now Olivia must face this evil.

In order to defeat this rising threat, she must convince bitter enemies that they must unite or face annihilation. It isn’t a matter of if she can convince them but more importantly if she can persuade them in time. As every day passes the darkness grows, and creatures begin to spill over into the Kingdoms that border the Nadear Divide. Faced with annihilation, Olivia will take a journey that will reveal the world’s past and her role in its salvation

Truthseer is a fantasy with undertones in romance and adventure and is geared towards young adults. Human-kind has always been in one war or another, and this is one possible outcome to our own wars. On a small scale, just two opposing factions in this case, it is one way to force warring countries to agree to peace. If a greater enemy arises that threatens everything, reconciliation is the only option barring death.

Chapter One:



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