The Gate Guardian’s Daughter Release!

The Gate Guardian’s Daughter releases today!

I’d like to thank Ellie for the Interview and review. I’d also like to thank Minx for the Review.  Make sure you follow their blogs! For anyone else who was kind enough to take on reviews and for the reviews that already came in (thanks Tabinda) I’d like to extend my appreciation.

Here is the synopsis:

The interplanetary gates require guardians and the reformed demon Malthael is one of them.

His adoptive daughter, Elisabeth, is special, but her dangerous ability hasn’t awoken yet. Malthael knows it will one day and from then on her life will forever be altered. Malthael isolates her from outside world as much to protect everyone else as to safeguard her. It is all he can do to delay the inevitable.

Now that Elisabeth is ten, how long can Malthael keep her confined?

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Midnight Over Moores (The Children of Carmen Chronicles Book 1) by A.M.H. Johnson

**This book CAN standalone**


Jenna Sheffield is an average girl from Savannah, Georgia. However, this year her life is about to change. She’s starting at a new, all-girls boarding school in the middle of high school. She’s having to learn how to deal with a roommate who seems more inclined to torture her than be friends. And on top of all that, she learns she has inherited her family’s ability to communicate with the dead, when the ghost of Christine Wedge starts to haunt her. All Christine wants is her body to be found, but this mystery is shrouded by 60 years of local legends and feuds. Can Jenna crack this cold-case, or will Christine drive her insane, or worse, kill her chances at getting into a good college?


Jenna is the main character and takes the spotlight for 90% of this book. She is interesting and for sure coming into her own as a young lady becoming a woman. She is very much the typical high school girl who moves halfway across the country. Oh and can see ghosts. I respected her immediately for the very gutsy move she made for her future. Her friend Sarah is a decent of Christine and is the big reason Jenna sees Christine’s ghost in the first place. Sarah and her brother are good supporting characters. Plus I liked the added conflict of Jenna’s snooty roommate Francesca.


This story had it all. Romance, a ghost story, some adventure, and a mystery. I don’t want to give anything away but the romance was very YA. It was cute and sweet. The turmoil that happens is realistic and not too far over the top. The ghost story was more in depth and the idea behind seeing ghosts even more so. Also I have to say I’m super pleased to say that the normal cliches with roommates who are jerks doesn’t happen here.


This is such a YA novel. Despite its silliness at times I really enjoyed it. The author did a good job of balancing the progression. I was a little surprised as how some of the story progressed because it was sudden when I thought the resolution would take longer. It took me a little longer to realize that the author was setting this up as an origin story – utterly brilliant. I don’t want to give too much away but I’m totally going to read this second book because if this is the author’s debut then they can only get better!

This book did need work on the grammatical and the word usage (one paragraph and most of the sentences started with ‘she’). Despite the simplicity of the writing, which was to be expected for a YA, it really didn’t detract from the excellent story telling. Not to mention the clever plot. I could have done without some of the romance but it was sweet and I eventually got over it.


5 stars

This book was not amazing literature but it was super charming and I just loved it. I read it every night and had to put my phone away and not stay up late. I enjoyed reading about Jenna and if you love YA books that are as much about romance as a good story (mystery/ghosts) then this a book for you!

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.




The Sixth Gate – Back of the Book

Good day, good day!

I’m very excited to announce that I’ve finalized the back of the book for The Sixth Gate, book 1 of the Gate Trilogy, which will release on July 7, 2017. I’ll be doing a cover reveal soon too! Yay!

The interplanetary gates have existed between the five planets and the Netherworld for as long as living memory.

Dr. Elisabeth Avery is a woman caught between two worlds. Little does she know that others like her, other half-breeds, are being hunted. When a creature drags a princess into the Netherworld, Elisabeth is determined to save her by any means necessary.

Meanwhile, on the planet of Hystera, a Keeper and his assistant investigate a grisly string of suicides and are in need of someone with Elisabeth’s skills. The Gate Guardians and Elisabeth are aware that something is coming and know that it has something to do with the Netherworld bleeding through to the planets, but not why. 

Will Elisabeth be able to come to terms with who she is in time to face the coming threat?

I’d love feedback! This isn’t 100% set in stone yet so any feedback would be much appreciated. 🙂 Just a reminder that this is a YA friendly Dark Fantasy.

Intercrossed by Milly Ly


What would you do if you knew the person you’d fallen for could endanger your life? A quiet, uneventful summer filled with supernatural combat training is what I expected when my mother dropped me off in the quiet city of Rome, Georgia. What I found was adventure, unexpected dangers, and the one thing I swore off after my ex shattered my heart—love. Intercrossed is a young adult shifter romance filled with adventure, thrill, twists, and curves that’ll grip you till the last page.


Maryelle is a funny character. She is likable most of the time but doesn’t always make very smart decisions. She has a lot of inner monologue but doesn’t always explain why she does everything (which is confusing at times). To make matters more complicated – enter Phantom. No I’m not joking that is his name. He was a bit of a contradiction. Spoiled but goodhearted. Aggressive yet sensitive. His character could have used some rounding out but this is a YA romance chock full of teenage angst.


It is a romance that makes a good attempt at a plot. Maryelle is sent to Rome, GA by her family to pass a test. The entire plot involving this takes a back seat to what is happening with Phantom (both the romance and with his family). This book will not win any awards for its plot but I was pleasantly surprised at the attempt to make it more than just a romance – such as hitting on the socioeconomic and cultural issues within each werecreature’s faction. Despite its softer touches at these harder issues, it is a romance at its heart, and a YA. Expect over the top moments and scenes that scream ‘I’m a YA novel and I’m proud of it.’


This book moves fast. It grabs onto the reader and doesn’t let go. It is VERY important to remember this is a young adult novel. If this was anything else I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much. The characters are over the top, the plot a little flimsy in some areas, but it is a solid YA read. Enjoyable in more than one area and well written. I actually enjoyed the fast pace and that the author didn’t languish on the details. The characters are interesting but as with most romances, everyone takes a back seat to Maryelle and Phantom.

My biggest problem was with a few inconsistencies in the plot and character decisions and the rushed ending. I didn’t love or hate the ending, but it conformed to the normal YA romance ending and was a little disappointing. That being said for avid readers of the YA genre, particularly romance, this was perfect for its genre. When the author decided to name it a YA romance, they were 100% right.


4 stars

Despite some glaring inconsistencies with both plot and characters in a few areas this was a well written novel that is an easy and enjoyable read. The plot, characters, and writing style were all within the YA romance genre, and all who like this genre will love this book! This author delivers exactly what they promise in the summary.

I received a copy in exchange of an honest review.

The Sunshine Time by Sonal Panse

**This does NOT standalone and is a serial novel**


The times are turbulent, and so are the romantic tangles.

18 year old Lea Chantry moves to Alsalem with her family and begins her first year as a Fine Art Student at the Eirwen Art College at the Alsalem State University. Irreverent, imaginative, and talented, she struggles to fit into the university social scene while remaining true to herself. Being officially an adult, she discovers, is not the complete breeze she had thought it would be.

Meeting the charismatic music student, Guy Caraindon, creates a seismic upheaval in her life that is as unexpected as it is bewildering. Is this renowned crackpot really the one true love that her favorite romance authors said everyone finds once in one lifetime? Or is Mr. Right just a trope best avoided by sensible people?

A coming of age tale recounted with humor and sensitivity, The Sunshine Time by writer and illustrator Sonal Panse is a YA romance that will remind you of the time when the world seemed to have happy surprises every day and there were wonderful adventures to be had just around the corner.

Episode 1 – On the long train journey from Samanbar to her new home in Alsalem, Lea Chantry is intrigued by a handsome and taciturn Mitrione officer, quite enough to disregard the deep-rooted familial hatred of the dreaded paramilitary force and make a nuisance of herself.

‘The Sunshine Time’ is a serial novel; that is, it is a continuing story with related episodes. The episodes need to be read in sequence. This is not a standalone novel. Please be aware of this.

Warning Note

Normally I would have broken this down by plot and characters but I didn’t feel like I could give this justice since it is just a snapshot of the novel. The opening curtain to a serial novel. I haven’t read a serial novel before and quite honestly I don’t think I ever will again – they are like watching an incomplete episodes of a TV show. It took me about 30 minutes or so to read it, but I didn’t feel like I really got anything out of it. It was like a snapshot of a bigger book and felt disappointingly short. It is one thing to read an entire novel and have it be left off for a series, it is another to read for 30-45 minutes and have to ‘pay to read more.’ There wasn’t enough substance to really delve in deep for a review but here I go.


Lea is interesting. I’m not quite sure I liked her but I’m not quite sure I didn’t either. Since this was just the open episode it was difficult to decide one way or another. Her insistent blathering was both endearing and annoying. The other characters were well done and vividly described. I enjoyed the differences the author created for each character. This is a YA and I expected a YA sort of feel. You get that here. The romance is very teenager and felt exactly how it should – immature and over the top. I actually chuckled at how silly she was. Between her and the dog things are a little corny but entertaining. That being said her ‘flip flopping’ between her boyfriend and this soldier fella is what really tipped me over. I HATE LOVE TRIANGLES and this pushed my buttons.

The writing wasn’t bad. It was easy to follow along with but the writing like the character had a tenancy to go overboard with a details. It was a bit of an overload at times and that is why I took a break about halfway through. As this is an ‘episode’ there was no real break. That was a little difficult for me since I always like to walk away and come back from most books.

The plot itself has potential. There were some things explained too much and some things not explained at all when they should have been. The story itself was quaint and hinted at a longer, more interesting story.


3 stars

I thought it was okay. It is a cute and sweet, it has a semi-starter plot but as it only read one episode I just sort of thought by itself ‘that was okay.’ Sorry to say the really stickler for me was the main character already having a boyfriend when she swoons over the guy on the train. If nothing comes of it I’d feel better about the whole thing, but as I never get to read that I have to go with what was there.

I received a copy in exchange of an honest review.


#Giveaway! #ya #sci-fi

You read that right! I have been getting such positive feedback on Unfathomable Chance that I wanted to give 5 eBooks away for free! It is random (couldn’t help it with the name of the book) but I made the odds better by choosing an important number from the plot!

Let’s see if your odds are as good as Diana and if you get to enjoy her cosmic adventure! Good luck!

First one went too fast! I’ve decided to do another one! Go Here!

Tooth Goblins by Ash Toroid


When Ellie’s older brother is turning thirteen, she want’s to see the ‘transformation’ into a teenager for herself. Ellie hides in a cupboard and waits and is shocked to witness her brother kidnapped by goblins and replaced with a clone. A passing Tooth-Fairy gets caught up in the commotion and talks to Ellie. Together they embark upon an adventure for Ellie to rescue her brother and, in doing so, help the fairies in thier fateful struggle against the Tooth-Goblins.


There are two main characters Ellie and Duncan. For some reason Duncan’s chapters are much better than Ellie’s; for whatever reason Duncan’s chapters just flowed better. They were also a little more interesting and matched the rest of the tone of the book. Sometimes I wasn’t sure that is what a 10 year old girl would do. The other characters supported the overall plot very well, except sometimes I felt Rayk’s chapters weren’t always necessary. I did like all of the fairy folk and the goblins, very interesting!


This is one of the cleverest books I’ve read in a while. The best part was most of it was plausible which added to the world building tremendously. At one point I thought ‘this could really happen.’ It was witty and laugh-out loud funny at parts. There were a few logical fallacies which would bring me right out the plot.

The bit about bringing Merlin into it and having Ellie and Duncan being their descendants and they were related to fairies and goblins – stroke of genius building all of it into the Tooth Goblins/Tooth Fairies plot. Even the wand and ring plays back into the story. I loved the plot, it was fantastic.


What wasn’t fantastic? The editing. This book needs so much work! It needs refinement and there was a spelling, grammatical, or punctuation error every other page (or at least it felt like it). I almost quit a few times and if it wasn’t for the decent characters and fascinating plot I would have. I mean the summary I took directly from Amazon, and it has 2 errors! It makes me wonder if they can’t take editing serious if they take their book seriously.

The writing itself needs an editor’s touch as well but is enjoyable. It did drag in a few areas and there were bits of the story I wasn’t sure was necessary (but may play into the bigger story arc).


3 stars

It was okay. This is a solid 5 star plot with 4 star characters but with 1 star editing. The editing was awful and I can’t recommend this to anyone because of how bad it is. The author needs to find an editor and quick! Patch that bit up and this book will really shine!

For ages 13+. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.