2018 – 4th Quarter Writing Updates

It is that time again! Let’s how much progress I’ve made on my goals before I post my next year’s goals. 2018 was an interesting year!

Goals for my writing for 2018:

  1. Finish getting The Gate Trilogy Ready
    1. Book 2 – Publish Summer August 8 of 2018 (The Nowhere Gate)
      1. Beta readers (First came back two are behind and I’ve scheduled a fourth)
      2. Schedule Cover Reveal (July 7, 2018)
      3. Professional editor
      4. Order link: Amazon
    2. Book 3 – Publish Summer Fall of 2019
      1. Edit (Lots to rewrite but edits are done)
      2. Cover Completed
      3. Do rewrite
      4. Transcribe edits (Started! Five chapters in!)
      5. Beta readers (Sent out in December/January)
      6. Cover reveal (Scheduled for June)
      7. Professional editor
  2. Publish Audiobook
    1. Unfathomable Chance
      1. Release in 2018 – Release happened in May. 
    2. Zendar: A Tale of Blood and Sand
      1. Find voice
      2. Consider publishing 2019
  3. Focus on Unfathomable Plan (On Hiatus)
    1. Finish writing in 2018 (At 42,000 words)
    2. Start editing 2019
  4. Work on other writing projects after Unfathomable Plan is done.
    1. Temporum: The Four Seasons – Book 1
      1. Finish Outline
      2. Start Writing
      3. Finish Writing 2018 (On Hold)
      4. Edit
    2. 1001 Islands 2
      1. Finish Outline
      2. Start Writing
      3. Finish Writing 20##
      4. Edit
    3. Seven Eves – Alaskan Supernatural Crime Novel (on hold)
    4. Demon’s Due – Paranormal Erotica/Romance
    5. Noble Chronicles Series (5 Books Planned)
    6. Zendar 2 (Added April)
      1. Finish Outline
      2. Start Writing (Started writing for NaNoWriMo – Just hit 20,000 words!)
      3. Finish Writing 2019
      4. Edit
    7. Write Anthology Short Story – (Part of Gate) – Romance The Curse Anthology
      1. Write!
      2. Submitted for review!
      3. If you are interested go to my new anthologies page: The Truest Gate
    8. Write Anthology Short Story – Epic Fantasy
      1. Write!
      2. Submit for review!
    9. Worlds Apart Sci-Fi Anthology
      1. Submit Story
      2. Help Promote
      3. Published: Amazon
    10. Holiday Chords: Christmas Romance Anthology
      1. Wrote story
      2. Help Promote
      3. Published: Amazon
  5. Consider Publishing Love’s Metamorphosis in eBook
  6. An Honest Misunderstanding
    1. Publishing on Wattpad in 2018 – To come out over the winter! 
    2. One Beta Reader is editing
  7. Editing Projects
    1. Red Door
    2. Truthseer (Started editing in September)
  8. Participate in NaNoWriMo 2018
    1. Will be writing Zendar 2: A Tale of Wind and Blood
      1. Wrote 15,000 words for NaNoWriMo
  9. Work on Escape Room information.
    1. Conjured Kingdoms
      1. Writing (Finished Writing)
      2. Find Cover Artist
      3. Website Summary
      4. Book Summary
      5. Promotional Video and other supporting work
      6. Room/Puzzle work
    2. Work on video language
    3. Work on media kits
  10. Keep up momentum on writing events, speaking events, and conventions.
    1. Book and Attended Steamposium CANCELLED BY COORDINATOR
    2. Book and Attend Arctic Comic Con (April 2018)
    3. Book and Attend SenshiCon (September 2018)
    4. Book Read Alaska (Didn’t attend)
    5. Attend Read Alaska
    6. Submit Application for World Con 
      1. If I get in Attend WorldCon in San Jose.
    7. Apply for Emerald City Comic Con (2019)
      1. On the wait-list for Artist Alley.
  11. Read 5

Writing updates:

The King’s Gate (book 3 of the trilogy) has gone to Beta Readers. I’m so excited to hear back from them! There is still some work to be done but I’m pretty happy with the final product. The King’s Gate is scheduling for release on September 9, 2019. Now all that is left is to schedule the cover reveal!

Unfathomable Plan has been placed on Hiatus while I work on Zendar 2. I needed a break to work out a particularly difficult scene. I have a few ideas.

Zendar: A Tale of Wind and Sand is progressing beautifully. I hope to be done writing in the next few months and then I can share Bella’s romantic story! Thanks to a start on NaNoWriMo I was able to get a fantastic head start! I’m already 25,000 words in and show now signs of slowing!

I’ve made some progress on Truthseer but it is slow going. It’s is really eye opening


Crazy Ink Anthologies has scheduled The Curse for release on November 3, 2019. Woot!

The Epic Fantasy anthology story was cancelled so I’ll start looking for another group for A Ghostly Gate. I’m totally behind writing this but I’ve gotten around the hard part and starting the easier part that I already had a clear picture of. Should hopefully wrap it up this month.

I had a last minute request for a short story Christmas romance for Stained Glass Publishing’s Holiday Chords. It is very cute! Also Pandemonium was published in World’s Apart, make sure to check them both out! (Links above.)

Escape  Book:

Conjured Kingdoms is done! I’ve turned it in for reading by the client. I hope to hear something back soon! It’s a cute and sweet YA/middle school story. It is fun for all ages! It will cover the story leading up to the ‘creation’ of the escape room. I can’t wait!

Here is the summary:

Has life ever been so unbearable that you wish to be anywhere else? That is what Bennie was imagining with all her heart; to be far away from her unhappy relatives and cruel school mates. One day her belief in other realms where she could be happy was so strong that she conjured a door to a different world. Places of wonder and bursting with magic—real magic! Unwilling to return Bennie jumps from world to world, making friends, and finding mystical objects. That is until one day she opens the wrong door.

Reading Goal:

It is my goal was to read 50 books. I’ve completed them and finished the 55 books read! I’ve kept the goal at 50 for 2019 but I’ll talk more about that.

Happy reading!