Sorrows Within, Book 1 of The Lady of the Light Trilogy, Chapter 10

Chapter Ten

“Captain?” Katerina held her skirt as she walked up the stairs towards him.

He turned from his first mate and met her towards the stairs, “Lady Katerina, do you need my assistance with something?”

“Do you have any men I can have at my disposal for the day?” She came to the top of the stairs and met his eyes squarely.

His brows spiked up at this, “Should I inquire for what?”

“To keep my investment safe,” she said turning towards the bow looking over the ocean with indifferent eyes, “I will need you all alive and you will need certain potions to maintain your existence.”

“Ah,” the Captain stroked his beard with his dirty fingers, stained with ink and grim, “How many do you need?”

“Two will be sufficient I believe, and Dayos of course, considering his assignment.” She watched him with cat like eyes, watching closely for his response to her pointed comment.

He looked uncomfortable to be put under that strange glare, unsure of how to approach such a delicate situation. Problem was, all plausible arguments had flow from his lips and ran from his mind. He was without any verbal weapons and was naked before her glare.

“What are you volunteering me for now?” Dayos made his way towards him, and the Captain broke into a wide grin, having the attention drawn away from him.

“Dayos!” Mosley exclaimed, quite happy to have avoided that question. He had already been the victim of one sorceresses plot, the Black Witch was a sly devil. He was unsure about how one of the most powerful beings should be handled when she was but a child.

“I didn’t realize you were following me so closely, don’t you have something else to do with your time?” Her eye brows shot up at the idea, as though she wished for him to act on it accordingly.

He had a coy smile on his face as he answered, “My time has been assigned to you. You have my complete devotion and are my entire responsibility, malady.”

“Hm.” She said and turned to the Captian, “Quick to pass the blame right back to you isn’t he.”

“To watch over and protect.” He said, choicing his words carefully before turning towards the ocean and refusing to meet her steely glare. It could melt metal, he wondered if all little sorceresses were like this.

“I’ll have those men now.” She clearly changed the topic, impatient to cover her amusement at the idea of a man trying to protect her.

The Captian tilted his head back and to the side before bellowing, “Jesters!”

She grimaced at his loud voice her neck tensed in response, “Was that entirely necessary?”

“My voice must carry over the waves roar, it must dominate even the ocean to be heard, but the results,” he smiled deviously before turning from her to point to the perfectly identical men standing at attention, “are more than exceptional.”

She was obviously slightly surprised at their obedience, “Impressive.”

“I know.” He boasted as she took a step forward.

Turning back ever so slightly she whispered towards him, close enough so that only Dayos and the captain heard her, “Beware of ego or I will have to teach you humility, Captain.”

It was so brief an encounter that Captain Mosley had no time to question it or her even see her mischievous smile before taking charge, “Twins, for I assume that I what you are, I need you to gather herbs from your storage, Dayos you need to bottle sunshine using this.”

She reached into the folds of her black coat and retrieved a vial that she handed over to him. It was medal, with a metal topper, covered in strange engravings and beautiful carvings.

“How does it work?” He took it from her and examined its strange existence.

“You have to point the open vial at the sun for several hours. When the vial is filled the top will glow yellow. Re-cork the top and bring it to me, but be cautious not to move too far out of the sun’s light or the light will escape and you will have to start over. Do you understand?”

Dayos stepped next to her, leaning his head towards her but not turning to her, “Is this your way of keeping me away?”

She smiled at the idea, “Or perhaps I simply tire of your company.”

The twins moved down the deck and one of them was mutter something to the other one, yet Katerina continued to smile at them all, “Let’s get to work then.”

“Oh, Dayos,” she said, as she felt an itch on her face and pushed her fingers across her cheek, leaving a smudge as a parting gift.

“Yes is there something else you need?” He didn’t look all the pleased as it was, but it was his duty of accommodate her.

“There is actually. I need to go to the kitchen, could you take me there?” She asked walking towards him.

As she approached he smiled at the smug on her face, “You have something…”

He went to wipe it off with his thumb and a warm feeling entered his fingertips. His eyes lulled and filled with a far off look as his smile became almost dreamy. She felt like sunshine and smelled of rain, her entire essence filled him with delight and put him at ease.

She pulled back suddenly, “Was that a yes?”

He still felt the fog of comfort but it was no longer overpowering,

She was patient and slightly uncomfortable, “Will you take me to the kitchen?”

He blinked and straightened his back to throw off the haze, “Yes, of course I will.”

As he turned and lead the way he dare not ask what had happened. He wasn’t sure what had happened but he knew that she was suddenly much more fascinating. Something about Katerina captivated people, even if she appeared plain to the eye it was only skin deep.

“I should warn you,” he said, deciding on a safe topic, “The cook is territorial, he is worse than a Dragon. He won’t like the idea of you in his kitchen.”

“I am sure I can handle him.” She said plainly, not even batting an eye at the idea.

Dayos didn’t doubt it one bit, in fact he was now more worried for the cook. His temper would surely cause trouble between them; his ability to get under peoples skin was legendary. Whatever power she had it would benefit more than hurt them in the long run. As he glanced at her he severely hoped that was true.


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