Pandemonium Chapter 4

Chapter 4

“What is her status?” Dr. Yamat asked leaning over Othella’s shoulder.

“We have three girls replaced into gen. pop. until we can download the information from their neural cortex, but no sign of the woman,” she answered, “It looks like the hunter’s failed and she escaped through another mirror.”

“Another mirror?” He paled and slumped into a nearby chair, “Are we sure there isn’t a staff member playing with the system?”

“No sir,” Othella said pressing a few buttons on the console, “She is using an unidentified algorithm to crack our security code.”

“Unidentified algorithm?” Dr. Yamat said leaning forward, “Call Percival, I need him here immediately.”

“Yes sir,” she said as something beeped on her computer, “The report from the hunter mainframe is coming in now.”

“Thank you Othella,” he said rolling over to another section of the console.

He began to read through their report and everything seemed normal up until when they returned the last girl to general population directly after a hunter was attacked. Whoever she was, she had outwitted a hunter. A second hunter engaged her and before he could track her down she escaped through the mirror into another realm.

“Percival is on the com,” Othella said interrupting his thoughts.

“Patch him through,” he said and almost instantly a young man with wildly untamed curly hair and a set of high intensity glasses on his face appeared on the console, “Good to see you old friend.”

“Always a pleasure Dedric,” Percival said taking off the glasses to set them aside, “What is the emergency?”

“We have a problem,” Dedric said leaning forward, “How many people are capable of an algorithm that can outsmart the mirrors?”

Percival looked contemplative, before he answered almost offhandedly, “Handful at most.”

“Have you ever heard of a,” he looked at the woman’s information, “Beatrice Rogers?”

“Not a name a know,” he answered, “She could be underground why do you ask?”

“She just hacked her way through three mirrors and outwitted my hunters,” he said with an unhappy smile, “Were she not running amok in my system I would be impressed.”

“I designed the system so that no electronic devices could be on the person when they enter the Dreamscape,” Percival said running a hand through his hair, “In order to pass through the mirror system she would have to use some sort of device. I very much doubt she is doing this as she goes. How quickly does it take her to pass through each mirror?”

“It looks like she just jumps through them,” Dedric said looking at the data, “A minute tops.”

“She has to have something,” Percival said but then his eyebrows furrowed together, “Unless…”

“Unless what?” Dedric said, clearly impatient.

“Unless she figured out a way to hack the system remotely,” Percival said, tapping a few things in and running a few calculations, “Have you checked to see if it is her in there?”

His eyes opened wide as he looked to Othella, “Call security and have them check cell 107B. Make sure it is Beatrice Rogers occupying that cell, blood test. Call the Warden; we might have a security breach.”


Chapter Five:


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