Pandemonium Chapter 9

Chapter 9

“Raven!” Penelope yelled, as she ran down the hall.

The man stood over Raven, she had a slash across her arm and she was trying to defend herself. His clothing was ragged and his face was completely covered by some sort of wrap. He didn’t even glance back at her as she yelled.

“Penelope!” Raven screamed as the man brought the knife over his head and prepared to bring it down.

Penelope pushed Raven out of the way and put her hand up. The knife entered her palm nearly dead center and her own blood splattered on her face. Raven screamed but Penelope just pulled her hand back as the man released it and stumbled back.

She took a deep, steady breath as she pulled the blade from her hand before she took a step forward and sliced across the man’s throat. He stumbled back covering his neck as blood bubbled out. He fell to the floor and Penelope turned around. Pulling Raven into her embrace she petted her sister’s head in order to calm her.

“It is alright, you are safe,” Penelope spoke softly.

Raven pushed her back and said almost angrily, “What are you doing here?”

“I told you I would come for you,” Penelope said, brushing Raven’s untamed hair back from her face.

“Yes and I told you not to risk your life!” Raven’s voice broke, she was clearly distressed.

“Come, let me see your hand.” Penelope said taking it and opening it up.

She didn’t hesitate to bring the blade up and slice across her hand. Raven gave a cry as Penelope pressed her own wounded hand against the cut.

“That bloody hurt!” She protested trying to pull her hand away.

“My blood is the key,” Penelope said, “You have to trust me.”

Raven pulled her into a tight hug as tears pressed themselves against her lashes, “I am so happy you’re here.”

Penelope pulled back a little so Raven could see her face, “No matter what happens don’t leave your own realm.”

“What…” Raven started as Penelope slide the blade into the base of her skull.

She gasped once before the life seemed to leave her. Penelope started to cry as she held Raven in her arms. It had hurt her more to kill her then she thought but Raven needed to be back in her own head. Penelope looked down at her own arm before reaching back and pulling the metal from the back of her neck.

She gave a painful cry as the first one pulled out, and blood ran down her back. She was about to pull the second one out when the world seemed to shift and spin. Closing her eyes she focused on her breathing.

“She is crying,” Penelope heard someone say, “That isn’t normal.”

She felt the slight pinch of a blood extraction pen in her arm and her eyes opened. She reached out with her one free arm and grabbed the man by the throat. Pulling him forward she kicked him in the groin, as hard as she could. He went down with a very painful yell. Two men in guard uniforms yelled and started running towards her. She reached outside the console and hit the necessary keys to release the holds on her waist and other arm.

She fell to the ground as all her memories and information came flooding back. She was still wearing the breathing apparatus. She looked up at the two guards as they snapped opened their Taser sticks. She pressed up from the ground and caught the first one across the chest. She grabbed his wrist as the other one tried to hit her with the tip of the stick.

She pressed the stick, still held in the other guard’s hand, against the guard’s ribs. He began to convulse before he fell to the ground out cold. Ripping the one stick from the guard’s hand she pressed it against his chest. He convulsed once before going still.

She turned back to the only man in the room. He was older and his legs were robotic. He was holding a stun gun in his hands, and it was aimed at her. She reached up and pulled the mask from her face, taking a deep breathe of almost too fresh air.

“Come now Warden Jekyll, you are far too old to play the hero,” Penelope said with an almost wicked smile.

He hesitated and pulled back in surprise, which was all the opening she needed. She threw the stick with as much force as she could muster. It caught him in the shoulder and he went down. She walked over and picked up the stun gun.

She pulled the keycard off of his neck before moving towards the exit that would lead her to Raven. She saw Dr. Yamat an instant before he looked into the room. She pressed herself up against the door. She dropped down and inched to the side.

Sure enough the door opened and she heard him say, “Yes, I am sure she is gone, it looks like she woke up when we were taking a blood sample. The guards and the Warden are out. Is she really a high functioning sociopath?”

She stood up behind him, as silent as the wind and pressed the gun against his neck before whispering, “Tell him you need to disconnect and contact security.”

He stiffened; clearly he had not expected her. When he hesitated she pressed the gun tighter against his neck and put her arm around his shoulder and across his chest. She had to go on her tip toes to do it but it got the required effect. Raven would be in section three, she was charged with a triple homicide. It didn’t matter to Penelope one way or another if her sister was innocent or guilty, but Raven wasn’t like her. She was innocent and naïve, and it was Penelope’s duty to protect her younger sister and no one was going to get in her way.


Chapter 10:


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