Pandemonium Chapter 8

Chapter 8

“Here we are,” Dedric Yamat said as they stopped in front of a plaque that read 107B, “Beatrice Rogers.”

“Well pull her up.” The warden said holding out a key card to him.

Bending down Dedric waved the keycard in front of the reader. A little circle popped up out of a slot, no bigger than a ping pong ball. It hummed and little helicopter blades popped out of the top and started spinning. The little self-propelled ball acted as a wireless part of the system. The only way to keep the system safe was to make sure it wasn’t connected; hence the fly ping pong ball.

“Blood authorization,” it demanded and a little pad opened.

The warden put his finger on the pad and a small sample was taken from his skin. Dorian never partially liked the creepy little things but they were the simplest technology available. The amount of the blood taken was so small that he would have to do that a million times in one day before he would feel anything.

“Passcode,” it said and a serious of numbers and letters appeared.

He typed in his birthday month, followed by his middle name and the number on his quarters; 4Luther319. Very easy to remember really. The little ping pong ball device pulled its pad back in.

“Identification confirmed, welcome Dorian Luther Jekyll, the sixth Warden of Pandemonium,” it stated before it dropped back into its holder.

There was a release of pressure before the tube they called cells started to rise. The mostly black tube rose up at a steady pace until it stopped once fully exposed. The black began to fade to clear to reveal a lovely petite woman. She wore the black hibernation suit and there was the standard breathing apparatus on her face. Her hair floated around her peaceful face as she floated suspended in water.

The medical technician pressed a few buttons on the front in order to engage the restraints. They all waited patiently as the water began to drain. It was actually a complex compound that had the same consistency as water. It preserved the body at the state of incarceration and acted as an almost anti-aging material.

The tube shaped cell opened, as Dedric heard a crackle in his headset, “Dr. Yamat?”

“Yes Othella?” Dedric said, but the connection wasn’t good.

“Percival is on the line, he says it’s urgent,” Othella said, and she sounded worried even though her voice was still joyful.

“Let me move to the corridor where you can patch him through,” Dedric said and began to move away from the main room into one of the corridors.

The area around where the cells were had extra shielding to prevent outsiders from seeing and possibly locating individuals. It used a compound that hadn’t been discovered until around fifty years ago and prevented just about everything from penetrating it. It was a remarkable discovery that was almost immediately implemented by the owners of Pandemonium.

The minute he was through the door, he closed it, as was procedure, before he said, “Patch him through.”

“Coming through now sir,” Othella said and Dedric heard a slight click.

“What do you have for me Percival?” Dedric said, still in awe at how quickly Percival worked.

“You need to get out of there now,” Percival said, he was clearly distressed, “It took me a moment to figure it out, longer then it normally would have but that isn’t Beatrice Rogers, it is Penelope Holmes.”

All the blood drained from Dedric’s face, “Penelope Holmes is dead, and she was killed by one Beatrice Rogers.”

“She had to have faked her own death; you know how brilliant she is,” Percival answered almost hysterically, “She is a trained killer and my equal if not my better.”

Dedric turned around and began walking back towards the door, “Why would any sane person do that?”

“Her sister is at Pandemonium,” Percival said, “I think she is there to get her out.”

“That is impossible, no one can get out of Pandemonium,” Dedric said but then stopped dead when he looked through the window into the next room, “What the hell?”

“What’s wrong?” Percival asked.

“She is gone.” Dedric answered, his voice filled with as much astonishment as he felt.


Chapter Nine:


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