Pandemonium Chapter 6

Chapter 6

“I found her!” Othella chimed excitedly.

Dr. Yamat was standing with a small security group and the Warden. The warden, Dorian Jekyll, was a large man, completely bald, and a very distinguished mustache that always made it look like he was frowning. Dedric had always thought he looked more like a convict then a warden but never said anything on the matter. A wise choice he had always thought.

“Excellent work Miss Ford,” Dorian said as he and Dedric came over.

“She is in the dark forest of the all-male battle, and she just killed a Drake.” Othella said tapping away at the screen.

“She must be going to the next mirror,” Dedric said shaking his head, “I don’t understand how she is choosing mirrors. Why is she going to one over another?”

“This is your system Dr. Yamat,” Dorian said clearly unhappy, “You need to take care of this little problem.”

“When the chamber has emptied of carbon and filled with breathable air we will go and see for ourselves if she is even here,” Dedric answered, but even he was a little worried, “I would like permission to bring Percival James into the loop. He is a top notch expert and has a nose for uncovering the truth.”

“And why don’t I have him on staff instead of you?” The warden said gruffly, no hint of amusement on his face.

“Because he is freelance and refuses to take a position where he isn’t his own boss,” Dedric answered with a sigh, “Says bosses give you assignments and you can’t refuse.”

“I don’t know how he makes a living,” Dorian said with a grunt, “Seems useless to bring such a picky man on board.”

“That picky man is a multi-billionaire and he has done as he pleases since his first billion at 14,” Dedric said and watched the astonishment form on his face, “He has a consultation fee of 1,000 dollars an hour.”

“A thousand dollars an hour!?” Dorian said outraged, his face was already turning red.

“Listen to me warden, all he needs is an hour,” Dedric said putting his hands up.

“The chamber is safe for you now,” Othella said interrupting.

With an unhappy frown, only made worse by his mustache, the warden turned to Othella, “Miss Ford, send our files to Dr. James and make sure he is wired a fee for a single hour of service.”

“You won’t regret this,” Dedric said, relieved that Percival would be assisting.

“I already do,” the warden said as he turned away and lead them down the hall towards the convict’s cells.


Chapter Seven:


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