Pandemonium Chapter 11

Chapter 11

They ran through the corridors of the ship. Their bare feet were hitting the grates at an almost jarring speed. Raven’s hair was leaving a trail of water behind them, while Penelope’s was already drying. Raven’s hair would soon start to curl and became an almost unmanageable mane.

They turned down the last corridor as Raven yelled, “Where are we going?”

“To the only place not shielded for transport,” Penelope said slowing down to peer around the corner.

“Anyone there?” Raven whispered

“Two men,” Penelope said pulling the stun gun up as she took a breath.

Coming out from her hiding place she fired at both of the men before they even spoke a word. One let out a yell as he was thrown backwards. Penelope reached back and took Raven’s hand as they ran to the transport room.

She heard running footsteps behind her and turned back to see a small group of guards running towards them. Penelope pushed her sister into the transport room and ran over to the console. Raven ran over to the transport pad as her sister ran to join her.

“Halt!” They yelled as Penelope froze.

She turned around and started backing up as though she was afraid of them. They had their weapons raised and were preparing to fire. Penelope put her hands up as though to surrender as Raven did the same.

“You are in violation of your incarceration and will be brought before a judge to face further convictions,” the leader stated pulling out a set of constrains.

Penelope smiled as she stepped fully onto the pad, “Sorry boys, maybe another time.”

The guards raised their guns as the two women were transported off the ship. They reappeared in a small empty vessel that was hooked to an outside sensory buoy. The many stars in the sky surrounded them as Penelope ran to the ships controls. She powered it up from emergency systems and began using short propulsion bursts.

“Sit down,” Penelope said, “and strap yourself in.”

“This is a really old ship,” Raven said as she sat down and pulled on the harnesses, “These are like the ones father kept.”

“It is one of father’s ships,” Penelope said as they scooted out just past Pandemonium’s grid, “I modified it.”

She put them into hyperdrive, a warp drive of sorts with a few modifications. Warp drives left signatures, one that could be traced, but not her modified hyperdrive. Unless they used a specific spectrum of light to search for a trail they would never find anything. She reached over and took Raven’s hand with a smile on her face.

“You are free.” Penelope said as though a sense of relief filled her from toe to cranium.

“Yes,” Raven said and turned to look at her, “Nothing will ever take us from each other again.”

“No,” Penelope said as she put in their heading, “I have everything taken care of.”



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