Pandemonium Chapter 10

Chapter 10

“I know how dangerous she is, trust me, Percival. I need to contact security, Dedric out.” He said with a quiver of fear in his voice.

He touched the side of his head, which would disconnect absolutely nothing. She smacked him against where the off key was with the side her gun and he fell to his knees with a ringing in his ears. She let him go when he fell to the ground, but he could feel her hovering. He was holding on to his head as he glanced back up at her.

“Penelope Holmes I presume.” He said through gritted teeth.

“It is a pleasure Dr. Yamat,” Penelope said moving her arm around to hold the gun to his face, “Now we are going to take a little adventure together.”

He stood up slowly, “How do you know my name?”

“I may be a high functioning sociopath but I am also brilliant,” she said with a soft smile, “Over here.”

Penelope waved him towards the technician, “I need you to take some of the Warden’s blood.”

He hesitated but then thought better of it as he picked up the pen. He walked over and pressed it against the warden’s neck. When the light on the pen turned green he stood up slowly and turned to her. Sure that his usefulness had come to an end.

“Alright let’s go,” she said waving him towards the door.

He watched her crouch down and picked up the med-pack before putting the strap over her shoulder. They were currently in section one, where each section represented how many they killed.

“You won’t be able to get the Carbon out of the chamber in time,” Dedric said in front of her glancing back.

“It is already done,” Penelope said as they turned down the hall and pressed him in the shoulder when he tried to talk again, “open the door.”

“That will flood this entire section with Carbon, killing you and I both.” He said but she didn’t seem all that upset by the possibility.

“I said,” she pressed it between his eyes, and knew that if she pressed the trigger it would fry his brain, “Open it.”

He closed his eyes and gathered his strength before turning to the security pad. He pulled out his card and swiped it. It took a bio-scan on him and clicked to open. He tried to hold his breathe but Penelope walked right past him.

He let out the breath and took in another frightened one. She was right; it was completely breathable, normal air. She walked right over to a specific cell before she turned back to him. The look in her eyes showed a determination as he had never seen.

She held her hand out to him, “The pen please.”

He took a hesitate step forward and asked as he walked towards her, “How did you clear this section?”

“It was simple,” she said as she took it from him, “Now for the hard part.”

She swiped the Warden’s card across the face of the scanner. The same little ball popped up and its bladed propulsion opened and started. It hovered in front of her and she seemed to be inspecting it with interest.

“Blood authorization,” it demanded and a little pad opened.

She pushed the tube against her finger and released some of the blood into the pad of her finger. She then turned it over and pressed it against the pad.

“Passcode,” it said and a serious of numbers and letters appeared.

He let out a breath he wasn’t aware he had been holding. He watched her as she uncovered her arm. A circle like tattoo with a series of levels was on her arm. She turned back to the keypad and typed in a series of numbers.

“Identification confirmed, welcome Dorian Luther Jekyll, the sixth Warden of Pandemonium,” it stated before it dropped back into its holder.

She stepped back as the pressure was released and the tube rose. A girl with long brown hair floated in the same state Penelope was in. She looked like a fairy to Dedric, with her petite features and long hair. He glanced at Penelope as she typed the needed sequences.

He took a step back but her arm came up without looking away from the console. He stopped abruptly with his eyes the size of teacups at the stun gun. From this distance it wouldn’t kill him but it definitely would knock him out.

The water began to drain away and the tube opened. The restrains and mask released as the girl opened her eyes and a soft smile touched her lips. She took a step forward and pushed Penelope back.

“You killed me!” She screeched angrily.

“I had to,” Penelope said opening her arms as the other girl hurled herself into them.

“You came for me.” The other girl said, wrapping her arms around Penelope like constrictors.

He took another step back and Penelope raised her arm, “Thank you for your assistance Dr. Yamat.”

He felt a blinding white take over as the blast from the gun struck him. He couldn’t believe she had shot him without an instant of hesitation, the evil bitch. His last thing he heard as he fell unconscious was the sound of running feet.


Chapter Eleven:


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