Must Read List (5 Stars)

As I review books some books deserve 5 stars and are must reads in my opinion! You’ll find them here by the year I read them in (in alphabetical order).


Lenore, J.S. – Reader (Affinity Series, #2) (Supernatural) (Review)(Amazon)

McIvor, M. Ocampo – Ugly Things We Hide (Fiction) (Review)(Amazon)

Panayotopulos, Angela – The Wake Up (Dystopian) (Review)(Amazon)

Powell, Lolli – Whiskey Kills (Mystery) (Review)(Amazon)

Saman, J. – Beautiful Potential (Romance) (Review) (Amazon)


Crofoot, Joel – Michael’s Passion (A Series of Angels #1) (Paranormal Romance) (Review)(Amazon)

Crofoot, Joel – Asael’s Nature (A Series of Angels #3) (Paranormal Romance) (Review)(Amazon)

Johnson, A.M.H – Midnight Over Moores (Book #1) (YA Paranormal) (Review)(Amazon)

Lenore, J.S. – Burner (Supernatural) (Review)(Amazon)

Mount, Misty – Shadow Girl (Young Adult) (Review)(Amazon)

Patrick, Benedict – Where the Waters turn Black (Fantasy) (Review) (Amazon)


Arcane, Annie – Hart Broken (Contemporary Romance) (Review) (Amazon)

Brosky, Ken – The Proving (YA Sci-Fi) (Review) (Amazon)

Crichton, Michael – Jurassic Park (Urban Sci-Fi) (Review) (Amazon)

Morgan, Jayelle – Burn (Elemental Hearts #1) (Paranormal Romance) (Review) (Amazon)

Patrick, Benedict – They Mostly Come Out at Night (Fantasy) (Review) (Amazon)

Snicket, Lemony – The Wide Window (Series of Unfortunate Events #3) (Review) (Amazon)

Swenson, Daniel – The Farthest City (Sci-Fi) (Review)(Amazon)

Thorpe, Marian L. – Spinnings (Short Story – Fantasy) (Review) (Amazon)