Second Quarter Writing Updates

We are already nearly through July and it is time to see where I am on my goals.

Goals for my writing/the year:

  1. Building Mailing List – I’d like to get a mailing list so when I have giveaways and such, I can let everyone who is interested know.
    1. Mailing lists can be found HERE.
  2. Finish Writing The Gate Trilogy (I expect this to happen within the next month). (I’m done writing, now on to the editing)
    1. Get all 3 covers done for The Gate Trilogy, reveal the first one.
      1. Book cover 1 is done (Reveal completed!).
      2. Book 2 is done.
      3. Prequel was done – pushed off completion of book 3.
      4. Book 3 is in draft.
    2. Publish The Sixth Gate on July 7, 2017
      1. Published on July 7th! On Amazon.
    3. Finish editing all 3 books – get ready for Beta readers.
      1. Working on editing book 2 – about half done.
  3. Choose which book to have done for Audio Book
    1. Find a ‘voice’ for the audio book and pick a date for release next spring (2018).
    2. Send a poll in the fall for which book through Mailing List. (SEE BELOW!)
  4. Start writing next book. Decide between 1001 Islands #2, Unfathomable Chance #2, or the new YA Fantasy novel – Temporum: The Four Seasons.
    1. I’ve started writing Temporum: The Four Seasons
      1. 10,000 words in as of today!
    2. I’m planning to write Unfathomable Chance #2 for NaNoWriMo and am working on the Outline
      1. Ongoing – About 3/4 done but still really rough concept.
    3. I’m also working on the Outline for 1001 Islands #2 which will be a backup for NaNoWriMo if I haven’t completed the outline for Unfathomable Chance #2
      1. Finished outline for Book 2 just today! Will be the book I start writing in November!
  5. Work on Seven Eves – Alaskan Supernatural Crime Novel
    1. I’ve written three more chapters and hit 10,000 words!
  6. Edit and Get to Beta Readers An Honest Misunderstanding and consider publishing (maybe just on Wattpad).
    1. One Beta Reader is editing
  7. Breathe new life into my Historical Mystery Novella. Finish writing ‘The Red Door’ – SO MUCH REWRITING/EDITING!
    1. Edited and started jotting down notes.
  8. Editing/rewrite Truthseer 
  9. Participate in NaNoWriMo
  10. Keep up momentum on writing events, speaking events, and conventions.
    1. Attended YukiCon.
    2. Attended Steamposium and TaikaiCon
    3. Scheduled/booked SenshiCon and Colony Christmas.
    4. Attend SensiCon
    5. Attend Colony Christmas
  11. Read 45 30 8 books before December 31st.

Writing updates:

I’ve published The Sixth Gate and already have 3 reviews on Amazon! Make sure to check it out.

Temporum: The Four Seasons is a YA Fantasy. Eva is a 17 year old heroine who falls through a mirror and ends up where the word is divided into four courts based on the seasons. I finalized the outline and just hit 10,000 words! This one is really coming together!

I’ve really thrown myself back into Seven Eves and making progress on that but I am getting sidetracked by summer and Temporum!


Make sure to vote on the below poll! I’m taking multiple polls from different areas and will be tabulating them all through the next month. I’ll make a decision early September!

Reading Goal:

It is my goal to read 45 books. I am very excited to already be 33 books in. I’m now months ahead of schedule! I’ll have to make it harder next year for sure.

Happy reading!

Writing Update and Mailing Lists

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I started off with a terrible head cold that laid me up for days. I sincerely hope most of you started off 2017 better. On that note here are all the updates for what I plan to do in the new year.

Goals for my writing/the year:

  1. Building Mailing List – I’d like to get a mailing list so when I have giveaways and such, I can let everyone who is interested know.
  2. Finish Writing The Gate Trilogy (I expect this to happen within the next month)
    1. Get all 3 covers done for The Gate Trilogy, reveal the first one.
    2. Publish The Sixth Gate on July 7, 2017
    3. Finish editing all 3 books – get ready for Beta readers.
  3. Choose which book to have done for Audio Book
    1. Find a ‘voice’ for the audio book and pick a date for release next spring (2018).
    2. Send a poll in the fall for which book through Mailing List
  4. Start writing next book. Decide between 1001 Islands #2, Unfathomable Chance #2, or the new YA Fantasy novel – Temporum: The Four Seasons.
  5. Work on Seven Eves – Alaskan Supernatural Crime Novel
  6. Edit and get to Beta Readers An Honest Misunderstanding and consider publishing (maybe just on Wattpad).
  7. Breathe new life into my Historical Mystery Novella. Finish writing ‘The Red Door’ – SO MUCH REWRITING/EDITING!
  8. Editing/rewrite Truthseer 
  9. Participate in NaNoWriMo
  10. Keep up momentum on writing events, speaking events, and conventions.
  11. Read 45 books.

Mailing Lists:

I have created two mailing lists. One for Romance readers and another for Fantasy/Sci-fi readers. I’m hoping to send out discounts, deals, giveaways, sample chapters, and cover reveals of all my books. Not to mention upcoming releases and my decision on which books will first go to audio (that’s right!). I’m preparing for a giveaway shortly, make sure you get on the list!

Sign up here: Mailing Lists

Writing Plans:

I am painfully close to finishing the last book in The Gate Trilogy. Book 1 releases on July 7, 2017. I had the artist who said they were going to do it bail so I need to find a new artist, I may have a line on one of them to do all 3 covers. I’ll get everything ready for publication over the next 5 years.

After completion of The Gate Trilogy I’ll be ready to start on my next project. There are three items that are at the forefront of that race. In no particular order these are my possible next writing projects:

  • 1001 Islands #2
  • Unfathomable Chance #2
  • Temporum: The Four Seasons A new project that I want to do for my good friend Nicky. It is a YA Fantasy that is contemporary and involves the main character ‘falling’ into another world.
  • Another project that I’m working on as well is Seven Eves. An Alaskan Supernatural Crime Novel. This may move to the forefront of my attention until I can make a decision on what of the above projects to take on first.

I also have a few projects I’d like to revive. Namely Truthseer (a book I wrote for my sister but needs to be fixed/worked on before future publication) and The Red Door (a historical mystery novel set in New York City, 1899). I finished rewriting/editing An Honest Misunderstanding some time ago, but I’ve decided to look at publishing. Either to eBook or on Wattpad…or maybe both!


I’ve decided that one of my published books is going to go to Audiobook. I have to decide on just one and I’m very torn. I’ll be sending out a poll to help decide so I’m hoping everyone will sign up to the mailing list and help me make a decision Fall 2017.

Local Events:

Happy to announce that I’ll have other writing events around town and in the Southcoast area in Alaska. I’m very excited about all these events. SenshiCon was amazing last year and I hope to meet as many amazing  people this year as I did last year! My first one is next weekend which is Yuki Fest – here is their Facebook Page.

Reading Goal:

It is my goal to read 45 books. Goodreads Reading Challenge is all set up and tracking me. Apparently I’m 1 book ahead of schedule – yay! I want at least 50% of these to be indie authors so make sure to check out my submission/review policy page if you’d like me to consider reading/reviewing your book.


New Year Update – A little late…

Things have been absolutely nuts for me. I accepted a big promotion back in November and there have been so many things to fix and get a handle on. Writing and my blog posts have been worked on whenever I am not bone tired from work (which wasn’t much these last 3 months). That being said here are some updates:

Frost Burn

This beautiful book is finally done. I am so excited to report that it was released the last day of 2015 – December 31st. It is up everywhere and only $0.99 on kindle. We’ve already got some great reviews up and I’m happy to report they are all 3 stars or more!

You can read the first part for #free on #wattpad. Just click on this link: Frost Burn

Love’s Metamorphosis

I’ve completely put this novella up on Wattpad. I won’t be posting about this anymore since it is #complete. It was such fun to put something up for free that wouldn’t have gone anywhere else. I am debating right now what my next Wattpad story should be. ^_^

In Progress Book – The Gate Trilogy

Continued work in progress of the second book. I am happily over 40,000 words in and am about halfway through give or take.For those of you who actually read these posts you’ll notice a change – this is no longer going to be two books but 3. These books have an absolute life of their own and are demanding to be a trilogy. This started off being one book…but then I had a whole plot come to life for a 2nd book and about 35,000 words in to book 2 I realized that the way it was going to end leads directly into a 3rd book. So now I’m half way through book 2 and making notes on what book 3 will look like!

Happy to report that I’ve made progress (mostly in the last 2 weeks) on editing book 1. The Sixth Gate will come out sometime in 2017. I’ll post chapters as they get edited in the next few months or so.

Unfathomable Chance

I’ve settled on a final publish date for Unfathomable Chance – it will be September 2016. It is undergoing final rewrites and beta reading. I’m working with an illustrator to get a cover done for this now that I know exactly what I want. Stay tuned for a posting on the cover reveal!

Unfathomable Chance is a Young Adult Urban Fantasy. You can check out the tentative summary (rewriting that now as well) and one of the chapters here: Unfathomable Chance

Honest Hearts Collection – An Honest Intent (tentative name)

I’m still writing on my second book for the romance collection. These are historical novels across the ages all about romance and overcoming obstacles to make it happen. This is the second book in my planned Honest Hearts Collection. I’ve already started plotting out an outline for the 3rd book.

An Honest Intent (tentative name) is my  more tragic story of the 3 I have planned. It follows Abigail, a young girl who is sold by her greedy uncle for her excellent breeding to a rich merchant. Having to pretend to be something she is not, Abigail is torn between the freedom marriage gets her and the constraints of her own lies. Abigail knew everything she was doing is a risk but she doesn’t expect that she is also risking her heart. This is a bittersweet story of love, betrayal, and being honest with ones heart.

Current word count: 18,000

Taking on Reviews


I’ve started reviewing books for my fellow indie authors. Have had some great ones and some okay ones and some not so great ones…but hope to do tons more! You can find my review guidelines: Here.

Reviews done recently:

Gaylord, Adam – Sol of the Coliseum (Fantasy) (Review) (Amazon) (4 stars)

Lopez, Sandra – Beyond the Gardens (Romance) (Review) (Amazon) (2 stars)

Miller, R.G. – The Twins (Mystery) (Review) (Amazon) (3 stars)

Thorpe, Marian – Empire’s Daughter (YA Fantasy) (Review) (Amazon) (3 stars)

I also did a Wattpad book review. Wattpad book reviews are on a completely different scale then published books. They don’t have as stringent requirements nor do I have as ‘high’ expectations in regards to grammar and a polished feel. That being said I expect to be able to read it and still enjoy it as though I was reading a published book.

Uninvited by SheHopes – (Review) (Paranormal – 4.5 Stars)

It’s that time again! NaNoWriMo!

As I have done for the last 2 years, I am doing again this year. NaNoWriMo, the month of November is full of thanksgiving cheer, the first nipping of winter chill, and the click-clack of the keys on my keyboard as I try to get to those 50,000 words. I like to consider it my warrior cry as my cat purrs in my lap. Two years running I haven’t gotten to the 50,000 words but last year I did something more important. I meet fellow writers, I mentored a few young aspiring writers, and it felt amazing!!!

Last year I had my own internal goal to be a little more serious in November and start a new novel. I finished that novel a few months later and am planning (at this time) to publish it in the fall of 2017. Keep an eye open for sample chapters of The Sixth Gate. They should be posted in the next month or so.

On that note I am an plotter. I usually have key points or a full outline before starting. I wish I could say that this year is going to be any different but it is not. Once a plotter always a plotter. I plot the other all bits and arcing ideas but after that I let my imagination fly. In other words I:

Which makes writing so much fun!

So if there are any NaNoWriMo-ers out there who want to connect feel free to leave a comment on this post and I’ll add you. Or if you prefer you can hunt me down. My username is Katherine13342 and I welcome fellow writers and those who feel they want guidance from someone who knows how to finish books. And if you are a panster instead of a plotter I can help you when you get stuck. And for those of you who hate plotters, well just consider this:

I even draw maps sometimes. Just so I have a road map for my world and I don’t make a mistake along the way. Continuity is critical to believably. On that wondrous note. I look forward to NaNoWriMo. I may be going rebel *gasp* and working on my sequel to The Sixth Gate or I might start working on An Honest Intent since I am only one chapter in. Unfortunately this November finds me right in the middle of a story I don’t think I want to stop for.

So I’ll probably be focusing on mentoring and connecting. Please connect! I want to hear all about your NaNoWriMo book or get you to the point that you have a basic outline. If you aren’t to that point of writing this November, I am also available to just talk shop – what are  you thinking about writing about or what do you want to work on all year in anticipation of next NaNoWirMo?

7 and 1/2 hours

I am very excited to give all of my updates on my projects.

Blog 2.0: An Author’s Take

Hannibal. That was the theme leading up to the Hannibal TV show season 3 premiere. So I went back and watched all of the classics. I also watched a few more because there are only 3 Hannibal movies (I don’t count Hannibal Rising).

Fargo (1996)

Hannibal (2001)

Imitation Game, The (2014)


Red Dragon

Silence of the Lambs

Check them all out here: An Authors Take

1001 Islands

One of my Beta readers informed me this morning that they finished my book and all of the notes. The other Beta reader is only has 10 pages to go. I expect to get a message from them tomorrow. I am thrilled to be getting my final edits together and shipping it off to my editor.

I got draft sketches for the cover. So far I am very excited. Especially for the epic ship she has added to it. I should get a inked draft on Saturday, just before I leave on my camping trip!

The only problem that is really left is the back of the book. I still can’t get it right. I’ve been struggling with what to do and am about to claw my eyes out. I seem to have two ways of doing the blurb for the back of the book; epic fail or epic win. There is no gap but I shall endeavor to keep trying.

Frost Burn

My coauthored book is well underway. You can get the first part for #free on Wattpad. That way you can get your toes wet and decide if the next 3 parts are worth it or not. If you don’t know what Wattpad is, please give it a chance. It is epic and wonderful and not I can’t stop reading other people’s stories on there! It is an app for your phone that allows you to read books that indie writers (an traditional writers) post for free.

Just click on this link: Frost Burn

I meet with my wonderful coauthor on Sunday. We were both very determined to hammer out the best book possible. We had a few changes, but the overall theme and plot remain the same. After 7 and 1/2 hours of typing back and forth we finally worked it out. We also didn’t waste anytime getting to work. We’re already 3 chapters into part 4. Perhaps we’ll finish up faster then we thought and get this baby out in the Fall of 2015!

Love’s Metamorphosis

First round of edits are done. I got it back from my friend who does all my editing (love her) and plan to do another round of edits. I’m just going to construct some sort of cover in the next month and get this baby rolled out on Wattpad. Stay tuned!

In Progress Book – The Gate Doulogy

Continued work in progress. I am 12,000 words in and making head way to getting this baby rolling out faster. Just fine tuning where I want the book to go.

I’ve also started initial editing for the first book in the series. Honestly I am not that motivated since I’m so focused on other books. Not to mention whenever I think about editing I want to curl up on the ground and cry. Grammar really is the bane of my existence.

Honest Hearts Collection

When I take a break from fantasy I like to write romances. My first book completed after I finished my bachelor degree is called ‘An Honest Misunderstanding.’ I have two other outlines for historical romances including the one from 2010. I was rereading over one of the outlines and realized how much I missed it. So despite the fact that I am knee deep in my dark fantasy I’ve started working on this one too.

All of the books will have ‘honest’ in the title. That way if I come up with other ideas I can get more out there. I’m going to work on getting ‘An Honest Misunderstanding’ ready for publication and plan to come out with next spring. That way I’ll be able to go from fantasy in the fall to historical romance in the spring.

‘An Honest Intent’ is my current book. Here is a little peak into that: Abigail Bradford is mistreated by her uncle, but she is still surprised when he decides to marry her off for money. While her uncle pockets the money, Abigail had to leave her sick mother and three very young siblings, to go live with a man she only met twice and only 2 weeks before they married. Mr. St. John needs a wife with an old, respectable name and none are as old as Bradford. Abigail has secrets, terrible secrets, that will either tear her and her new husband apart or bound them together forever.

If you’re interested in ‘An Honest Misunderstanding’ you can check it out here: An Honest Misunderstanding.

The 3rd book which I am right now titled ‘An Honest Persuasion’ will be my NaNoWriMo book.

Stay posted as I keep writing!

Hard at Work…

So it may not seem like much but I’ve been very busy.

I started a new blog. I really don’t feel like I have enough of a grasp on what it takes to be an author to give out any kind of advise. I abandoned this blog a little like a sinking ship. Instead I’m going to be focusing more on what is going on with me.

Blog 2.0

I decided to do movie reviews. I try to do one a day or two a day if I can make up time. I love watching movies. I am always watching movies and TV Shows. Right now I am focusing on movies but I may be breaking into analyzing individual episodes on TV shows. That may or may not come later. I may also be doing entire TV Show seasons.

I started it in May so happy 1 month anniversary is coming up. I’ve already got 20 reviews posted. I try to find more obscure but interesting looking shows on Netflix at least once a week.

Check it out here: An Authors Take

1001 Islands

This is my fantasy pirate book coming out in August. Woot! I am getting books slowly back from my Beta readers. There are only two pending and they have until June 15th. Then I have 2 weeks to get it finalized and given to my editor. This is the first book I’m paying to get professional edited; let’s see if it pays off.

I am still waiting on the cover. It is a little frustrating but I know the artist is busy. I know I am just impatient and I won’t actually need it until July 1st. I just WANT it! A accumulation of all your efforts coming together. I’ll upload and update on cover information as I can.

I am struggling with the back of the book. BoB is being a real jerk face. I have an excellent finishing hook that says ‘please read me’ but not one that says ‘please finish reading the back of the book until the end.’ I am working on it and hope to update that as well soon.

Frost Burn

For those of you who scratch your head wondering…What is this? It is my coauthored book. You can get the first part for free on Wattpad. That way you can get your toes wet and decide if the next 3 parts are worth it or not.

Just click on this link: Frost Burn

Currently we are wrapping up Part 3 and hammering out the final details of part 4 this Sunday. Hopefully we can wrap this baby up by August and get it out by the end of 2015. I know some people love the idea of a Fire and Frost Nation and can’t wait to read it. I’ll keep everyone posted on our progress.

Love’s Metamorphosis

This novella is a contemporary romance I wrote back in 2012. I saw an article about a woman that lost her husband to a traffic accident on their wedding day. She describes standing in the hospital in her wedding dress and it just struck me. I had to write this story. I was compelled to get it down on paper and wrote it in a month flat. It is completely fictional and didn’t take any of the themes besides the woman standing in her wedding dress in the hospital.

However, it is only 37,000 words and not something I plan to pursue. Instead I’ll be putting it up soon (hopefully this month) on Wattpad for free. I hope to have something up here for everyone read about soon. I am working on the back of the book now and hope to have a simple cover up soon as well. Stay posted!

In Progress Book – The Gate Doulogy

I started writing these for a friend of mine. She says ‘these characters, plots, and stories all suck.’ I looked at her and since I had just finished writing another book said ‘I’ll write you one.’ She looked startled but was actually sort of excited.

It is a Dark Fantasy about coming to terms with who you are. It is about self discovery, family, friendship, and not at all about depending on a man. She was very specific on that last one. I was about 10 chapters away from finishing the first one ‘The Sixth Gate’ when I realized I wasn’t done yet. So now I am 10,000 words into the second book. She is thrilled and harasses me to stop writing the second on and finish editing the first one. I’ll get around to it eventually (hopefully before she actually strangles me).

Elisabeth is a half-blood; half-demon, half-human. It makes her a Spiritwalker or Seer (depending on the planet) with the ability to see beyond the world. TO see the dead, to see things for what they really are, and to travel through the spirit lines that ran through every world. Her adoptive father, a reformed demon, is a Gate Guardian. The gates connect the planets to each other. Elisabeth denies who she is until a strange man appears and tries to kill her. When strange things start happening and the Netherworld’s creatures start leaking through to the planets they all know something is wrong. More wrong then Elisabeth being followed around by her personal assassin who promises to kill her the first chance he can. Who is this strange assassin and what is causing the Netherworld to leak through?

This was my NaNoWriMo book for 2014. I hope to finish book 2 before November and move onto my next NaNoWriMo book which right now planned to be a historical romance.


I’d also like to offer to anyone on Wattpad who needs a review. I don’t do fan-fiction but just about everything else.


So that is what I am doing right now. Busy at work.

Short Story Writing Contest Winner (2nd Place)!

I am very excited to announce that I’ve won second place in a short story writing contest. I hesitated to mention anything on here because I haven’t written a short story for a contest in years. I tried writing a few before but I never submitted it. This time I decided to take the leap and commit to one. I decided to start with a low key one that seemed legitimate and see where my strength and weaknesses stuck out. I wanted to personally test myself against other writers.

You can check out the results here: DeviantArt

There were a lot of amazing submissions and I wasn’t sure what the outcome was going to be but I am thrilled. This has given me that boast to perhaps start to compete in more contests. Branch out from my novel writing and give me something else to do between books.

It was fun to use some of my memories and weave a story from real life and using my imagination. Denali National Park has always been a place of wonder for me. Even as an adult I’ve gone deep into the Denali wilderness and been in awe. It is miles and miles of wilderness and the animals that live there. So in a way I accomplished two things, I wrote about something that actually happened and competed in a contest.

If you are interested in reading about Alaska’s Denali National Park with some culture woven in you can read it here: The Bear King.

The review reads: “It begins with the 9-year old protagonist Kayla.  Right from the start KT sets the mood and provides a very descriptive narrative that you can see clearly in your mind.  Little details like the runny nose, the environment, and the child’s and grandmother’s descriptions bring the readers closer to the story.  I had to look up Denali National Park afterwards to see where they were in the dream/fairy tale sequence, and the photos found on google beautifully matched the descriptions that KT wrote.  The transition from grandma’s story about her past and the little girls insertion of herself into the story as it morphed into her dream was tricky to pinpoint.  Otherwise, the story itself was fascinating and the moral to the story was heartwarming not to mention validated by the conclusion.  The animal personalities in the “Bear King” were believably fitted to each animal based on species and behavior, but were also unique to the individual characters too.  It was a sweet story that left me wishing I could follow Kayla into the kitchen at the end and ask grandma how much of her story matched her dream and if any of it was real.”