Being of Life and Death: Book One of The Noble Saga

Still in Rough Draft Form:

Helo’s history is full of tragedy but none as great as the night the Helander’s were slaughtered in their beds. The once great family that had established the Republic and gathered all the Primes together was gone in a single night. All across Helium Prime those with the old Noble blood of the Helander’s fell victim to hired blades. It was on that night the infant twins escaped the slaughter; to be raised in two very different environments.

Neon Prime by right should become the High Chancellor, but fear causes them to flee. Abandoned and lost the remaining four Primes turn against one another, while Argon Prime and Krypton Prime form an uneasy alliance. The world falls into chaos and for the first time in centuries magic spreads its mischievous fingers across the land. Different eyes gaze upon the world and tell their fragment of the whole story.

The Being of Life and Death is the first book in The Noble Saga. It consists of approximately 110,000 words. The six primes are named after the six Noble Gases on the periodic table of elements. Most of the cities, towns, waterways and unique geographic features are named after different elements.

Corbett Helander of Helium Prime:

Peta Krathos of Krypton Prime:

More chapters to come!


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