An Honest Misunderstanding

The quiet way love can sneak in is always an astounding facet of human emotion. With a subtle tug of the heart and the pulling of its intimate strings; love forms. There is first an acute awareness of that person, but a misunderstanding of character brings an altercation and then eventually the two lovers are forced to reevaluate a previous misconception. The fascination of how an honest misunderstanding can tumble down a hill and end in something never imagined will always exist because what fun would there be if everything was always understood?

Born in the country side, JANE LOCKE and her two younger sisters, CASSANDRA and ANNE, live in desperation to run from societies demand to marry for money and find a love like their parents share. Jane is a strong supporter of her sex, and armed with a wit she searches for a man to equal her; Cassandra is as shy as the sky is blue; Anne who is shameless in her unsuccessful attempts to locate love in any man or every man. However, when circumstances force them into high society, at the resident of their status-mongering aunt, one of them will face the reality of financial gain over personal aspirations. Jane had always considered herself capable of sacrificing anything for her sisters’ happiness but her own reservations flourish into a downright resistance to throw herself into a loveless marriage.

On their first outing to town Jane meets the sharp-tongued MR. SINCLAIR and the charming MR. DIVAL. For every aloof aspect of Mr. Sinclair’s countenance, his sister, CHARLOTTE matches it with a delightfully sweet temperament, causing Jane to befriend her. It is through Mr. Sinclair’s treatment of his sister and Charlotte’s own love of her brother that causes Jane to reconsider her first impression of him. A long line of misunderstood actions and words leads to a turbulent set of encounters between Mr. Sinclair and Jane, all the while she attends balls, makes new friends, reconnects to long lost family, and even suffers the loss of a loved one before reaching her happily ever after.

It follows in the footsteps of Jane Austen with a little more contemporary tone.

Chapter One to wet your appetite: Chapter 1


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