Travel with number 10 by Ronit Tal Shaltiel


In this book, Number 10 went on a trip to travel the world with the rest of the numbers. When they came to New York, Number 10 liked the place and decided to stay there to explore the city.This book is the third in the series, “The Adventures of the Numbers”. This book makes math fun for kids. It is an educational book. It can also be read as a bedtime story.The book is for children from ages four to seven, who are beginning to learn about numbers and math.


What a cute book! The concept was very solid, and the idea behind it was as well. Especially considering that each stop has the reader work on their math. However there is a problem with execution. The wording was very awkward—almost bland—in a lot of places. The pictures are okay, with a lot of variety, but weren’t particularly eye catching.


3 stars

Cute concept that just needs a little more polishing.



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