The Baby Plan by Joan Carney


Tick, tock…

The itch of ‘baby lust’ has prickled just under the surface of Tessa’s skin since she turned thirty. Five years have passed since her thirtieth birthday, and her obsessive nature has stoked the minor irritation into a full-blown fertility frenzy. She’s given up waiting for the right man to put a ring on her finger and, instead, decides to actively seek out a man with the right genes who will give her the child she wants with no further involvement. Love wasn’t in the plan, but Karma had other ideas.

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I’m really impressed with the characters in this story. Mostly because they both are flawed and have issues. One if a former gambler and the other one has obsessive compulsive disorder. Tessa is an accountant with a great career but no family. Michael is a bit of playboy with no plans for a family, but is attracted to Tessa. Craziness ensues. Tessa is very resilient but is also can be whiny. Side note Tessa’s family is terrible and awful. There is head-hopping off an on throughout the book, which could be distracting, but you do get both Michael’s and Tessa’s point of view.


This is a romance. It is breakneck, with very little nuance, which was really nice. It throws you in from the get go—sexy right off the bat. Tessa has plans, she wants a baby before her clock runs out. She just needs a man that meets her criteria and to agree to her plan. In comes Michael who might give her more than she bargained for. In more ways then one.


This book is both painfully predictable and surprisingly gritty. The writing is fast pace and enjoyable. It gets really dramatic in the middle. I did notice that there were a lot of Michael chapters in the beginning but they are very inconsistent, with almost none happening in the middle. A lot of it is to cause a mystery aspect. I have to say without trying to ruin the story that the moment Tessa knew she was working on something that she had a vested interest in she should have recused herself. It was very unethical and anyone who works in business/accounting would have know that. It ruined the realistic feeling of the story but the romance was very steamy! It had a very corny ending.


4 stars

A charming romance with a fast pace! Sometimes when you plan for something life decides to throw exactly what you need, but will you have the strength to take it.

Where did I get a copy?

Author sent me a copy. This is a voluntary review.


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