The Ghostwriter’s Wife (Book 2) by Douglas Debelak


In author Douglas Debelak’s second novel, Jonathan Fry is still reeling from having his life taken over by an unknown force- possibly the Creator, Himself, in order to tell an incredible story. Just as things seem to be falling back into place, Jonathan’s wife, Annie, begins to experience strange influences, herself. It seems that whoever this unknown force is, they have much more to say.

The Ghostwriter’s Wife’s tale of life, love, tribulation and passion weaves together the supernatural with the natural, the impossible with fact, and finality with immortality. Its simplistic, everyday tone makes it both fun to read and believable. A reader is likely to get the sense that they are listening to a storyteller relate extraordinary secrets of the universe and of life, itself.

Join Annie in the awe and wonder of experiencing Jonathan’s story for herself, and the pain and joy of dealing with the consequences of her actions in The Involuntary Ghostwriter. Join the omniscient storyteller, himself, in his awesome journey to becoming who he truly is.


Jonathan is back but it is his wife, Annie who is in the spotlight. It was interesting to switch perspective like this for a second book. To see her reaction and account of the last year or so we’ve been with Jonathan, while also moving forward from that piece. It was also awesome to be back and see the rest of the story with the ‘creator.’ Gosh did this novel and its characters pull at the heartstrings!


Like before there are alternating stories. However, this one was not burdened by Jonathan’s writing and therefore flowed better. Instead it was wrapping up the creator’s story and resolving Jonathan/Annie’s story. It was great to see Annie get involved and begin to grow and change as she found herself again. Or at least something influenced her to let go and live a little. Either way, the two stories never truly intertwine, but are meant to leave one wondering.


The book flowed well thought it wasn’t as polished as the first novel. It had a punch to it that grabbed on and didn’t let go. Unlike the first book that took me a while to get into this one picked up right where the other one left off and you jog into the first book. My only real drawback was there were so many pieces left unanswered. There were major plot points from the first book that I thought died off in the second book and were never answered. Either it was too subtle or missing.

That being said I was very moved by the ending of the book. In many ways it wasn’t a true ending but a new beginning for all the characters involved, and there was beauty in that. Wondering what I mean by that? You’ll have to read them to find out. Also the ending was thought provoking, leaving me wondering what the author was implying (although I can guess I won’t so say so here).


4.5 stars (rounded up)

Wow! This had me hooked and I read it super fast. Then I was left to soak in what I’d just read, reflecting for days afterwards.

Where did I get it?

I thank the author for providing a copy to me. This is a voluntary review.


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