Reader (Affinity Series, #2) by J.S. Lenore


After nearly dying at the hands of an uncontrollable ghost, Detective Kim Phillips is finally back to work with the Chicago Police Department. Sure, she’s shackled to a desk, sifting through cold cases, but it’s better than being stuck in her apartment. It lets her focus on something other than her unreliable powers, the sudden influx of Turned ghosts in the Windy City, and the continuing tension between her and her old partner, Detective Riley Cross.

That all changes when she finds the case file of a missing girl and is sucked into a vision from thirty years ago. Caught between the present and the past, Kim struggles to find answers about the case and herself. Can Kim solve the mystery of her changing powers and find the girl, or will her tenuous grasp on her powers and the investigation spiral out of control?


Gosh it was good to see Kim again. Plus I really loved Riley (Cross) in the first book. They made such a crazy good team, which was hard to see them working on different projects…in the beginning. Unlike the first book though, Kim is scarred and struggling. She is still recovering and at first her powers aren’t working well. She is terrified by all the changes, which is only made worse when she reads. The one thing I didn’t like is how reckless she can still be. That is why Riley is such a good balance for her, he is much more conservative. New character: Andrea Banks, sounds like a ball of fun and I so want Kim and her to be frenemies.


Like the first book there are a lot of moving parts, but this one was much less violent and action packed. Instead Kim is trying to solve a cold case and it doesn’t end the way I expected – huge kudos there. In addition to that Kim is finding all these ‘energy wells’ that have turned ghosts bound to them. She gets to show down with them and learns some terrifying things about herself. This book is much more character driven. Not to mention all the crazy things going on between her and Cross..and with Cross in general. I won’t ruin anything, but just wow! Can’t wait to see where that is headed.


This is a cold case and that sort of matches the quiet subdued force of this book. Unlike Burner (book 1) that was big flames and fast paced, this one was much slower with spurts of fire. It was sort of like Burner was the fire and Reader is the burning coals that the fire leaves behind, still powerful but in a different way. I feel like Reader addresses the fallout of Burner and all that happened there. Plus bringing in new complexities as it focuses more on the characters and their relationships then the action that was in Burner. Always a pleasure to read this author’s flowing style, mixed with their punchy dialogue.

My only frustration was this book opened more doors without closing old ones, and felt unnecessarily drawn out as a result. I know Kim has more growing to do, which I hope to see in the future books, but this slow burn left too much unresolved. If the other books were out and I could just pick it up, I probably wouldn’t have noticed it…but  now is the waiting game. In away multiple open doors are nearly as bad as cliffhangers, which I wouldn’t say this book has at all.  Though it does have an end that made me laugh out loud!


4.5 stars (rounded up)

A great second book in the Affinity Series. I’m looking forward to reading future books in this series and seeing where the author takes it. I just hope future books resolve more instead of creating just more questions.


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