Naked Desire (Desire #2) by Lydia Larue


When Kelly Swinson learns that Manuel Alvarez escaped federal prison, she relives the trauma from her past once more, and her common sense says to listen to logic, but her ambition keeps her fighting her husband and his concern for safety at every turn.

As Manuel gets closer to finding them, she feels herself opening up to the idea of placing her family first and grows concerned with what will happen if the ex-drug lord would find them. Her ambition to remain in the public eye is falling, and she begins to envision a life outside of Channel 5 News with her family. But Crazy Manny stands in the way.


This is a short story – easy enough to read in one sitting although I did take a break in the middle. The characters were alright, I particularly liked Tony. Although I did admire Kelly’s drive but ability at self reflection (even if it was annoying at first). This was as much of a story about Kelly and Tony’s marriage as Crazy Manny trying to get his revenge. It was a good read, the flow was a little off, but the writing was mostly easy to follow. I really don’t like the cover though – it was very misleading. I enjoyed it but was really irritated me was the outcome of the book. .


3 stars

Thrilling read with an excellently written bad guy. Just be warned about the questionable ending.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.


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