Edge of the Future by Andria Stone


“Edge of the Future” is a Sci-Fi action-packed, military scientific, suspense thriller, novel with a female villain, and the first part of a Trilogy. -One hundred-fifty years after the last war humanity has united to explore space with colonies on Luna and Mars. But the Europa Mission has just failed and 152 people died in space. No one knows why. -When military bioscientist, Captain Mark Warren’s hidden research installation is attacked, he meets armored assault Sergeant Axel Von Radach. They become entangled in a deadly fight to stop the theft of classified military secrets by a lethal female adversary. -Her plan to use enemy cyborgs posing as humans, plus unsuspecting high-ranking military personnel with neural implants altered to accept her commands, has every chance of succeeding. Unless…Captain Warren and Sergeant Von Radach get a chance to end her first.


Mark is a complex character. Some of his personality is a bit hypocritical but this likely due to the fact that he is at war with himself. Axel is much more straight forward. The soldier. He is cocky but has a reason to be. This book jumps characters, mostly Mark, Axel, and the ‘bad guy’ but it allows insight into the different characters and their motivation. I appreciated that despite the fact that Mark and Axel are more of the main characters there were two female counterparts that were also important.


This felt like an action thriller movie with a sci-fi twist then a sci-fi. There is a militaristic component as well. The plot will keep you on your toes for the length of it! The advances in science beyond what exists today but is possible from today is what makes this a sci-fi.

There were a few minor plot inconsistencies. Mostly in the finer details of the plot. A big one was Mark and money (contradicted itself a few times). There were a few more, they didn’t detract from the story too much.


The author does a good job of building the world seamlessly around the  main characters. All of the characters feel real and were really well done. The plot was interesting. The writing detailed, a little bit much at time, but that was appropriate considering the genre. There were very few errors.


4 stars

This is a solid 4 star book. Despite a few minor inconsistencies this is a highly enjoyable action-packed read. If you love action-packed thrillers and sci-fi then this is a must read!

I received a copy in exchange of the honest review.


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