Perax Frontier by Alistair Potter


You might wonder why Perax Frontier, a small doughnut-shaped asteroid floating in the vast emptiness of interstellar space, would merit the presence of a full Imperial Ambassador. The simplest answer is that nobody could think of a more elevated dignitary for the post; after all, at the asteroid’s hollow centre is the Interface, a bright, shimmering gateway between this and another Universe. Then you might wonder; if it’s such an important posting, why would each Ambassador only serve for six months? The answer to that comes as another question; how long could you manage without computers, antigravity transport and wireless communications? How long could you last in a place where electricity doesn’t work?

Bathed in the constant glow of the Interface, the two frontier townships of Praxton, and Millaki on the Atlathian side, function without any electrically based technologies. Set against this unusual background, and fighting the hierarchal restrictions of Imperial society, Sheriff Artur Perax investigates the murder of the Imperial Ambassador, Madam Lintsa Kroft. And all the time still keeping order among the visitors, frustrated scientists, religious fanatics, misfits, reformed felons and plain good folks who keep the flow of trade goods moving across the Interface.


Sheriff Artur Perax is charming. I actually liked him immediately. It was only made stronger by his wife Holly. They are so sweet together! All of deputies made such a great team. Fair warning there are a lot of characters in this book, but it isn’t too overwhelming because they are all from Artur’s point of view.


This felt like a small town murder mystery with a science fiction twist. Although parts of it were pretty predictable there were a few last minute twists that were a little more subtle that were very enjoyable. I also liked the little snippets of normal life that continued to happen along side the mystery – gave it an entirely different facet.  I can’t say much more without fear of giving away the overall plot but the story telling was steady but interesting.


The author did an amazing job building this setting. The Perax Frontier was vivid in my mind and it was amazing. It was the most captivating part of the entire book. The author did an amazing job creating an entirely complete and beautiful world.

The book was a little lengthy but mostly enjoyable. The ending was a bit anticlimactic. I also think it went too far to be a happy ending and ended up feeling over the top. Love the last sentence though. I can say for sure the cover doesn’t do the story justice.


4 stars

This is a solid 4 star book. The characters were interesting, the setting was amazing, and the story line engaging. I felt like the book ending was a bit much but it was still an enjoyable read.

I received a copy in exchange of an honest review.


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