The Inhibited by Jay Saph


What if the world around you had no music or art? People had lost the ability to create or daydream. The pursuit of pleasure is now only a forgotten, outdated concept.

“The Inhibited” is a futuristic tale set in the Northern Zone, 2042. It follows the life of Declan Smith, a young aggrieved student intent on uncovering the truth. Smith believes the key to political change lies in understanding the past, but he soon finds out the greater challenge is the discovery of his own soul.


Lots of interesting characters. I liked Hazel – the little girl – just because of her sweet outlook on most things. Declan was also a likable character although sometimes we was very much a ‘boy’ (caused me to roll my eyes a few times) but absolutely believable. That was something the author did very well – creating characters that felt like they could be real. I won’t say too much here other then that in fear of giving away the story.


The overall plot isn’t too complicated – a little predictable but I appreciated how real the author kept it. It was very imaginative and well within the bounds of what could happen. That is what made it have such an impact. No froo-froo ending of ‘happily ever after.’ It was a well thought out and realistic ending to this tale. It picked up on very real issue in society and exploited them – for that I have to say well done.


It felt a bit like reading a biography for fictional characters in a possible future – almost eerily so. Very well done, but it did have areas of languish that made my mind wander and then I’d have to snap back. It was well written and easy to follow – there were some dialogue pieces that read weird and a handful of errors but they weren’t major. The slowness may have been due to the author withholding key information until nearly the very end of the book. However, that mystery was also well woven – like a flower slowly blooming, once complete it was a beautiful thing.

My biggest complaint – besides the somewhat rushed ending – was the setting. I really struggled to understand how the new formed world was set up. Some of it made absolutely zero sense. Mostly distance traveled versus time spent traveling and trying to track how far the Northern Zone really spread. That was underdeveloped and took me out of the story multiple times.


4 stars

This was a thought provoking read that I was surprised at how much I liked at the end. This author did a good job at weaving a believable dystopian future – anyone who likes dystopian books, this is a must read!

I received an eBook copy in exchange of an honest review.


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