Deadman’s Planet: Lady Dana of the Badlands (Episode #1) by Alexandra Mars

**Does not standalone**


Seth, the Recruiter, roams the harsh desert terrain on a mission to lure in young people and convince them to live their lives in the domes. But one young woman – Lady Dana – knows there’s far more to him than meets the eye.

After learning that Seth has threatened her mother, the venerable Duchess Keenan, Lady Dana is left with no other choice but to risk it all to uncover the truth. Can she find answers before many lives, including her mother’s, are placed in jeopardy?


Duchess Keenan, Lady Dana, and Chief are really the only characters the reader really gets to know. Lady Dana and her mother Duchess Keenan are interesting and very loving to one another. Dana is protective and fool-hearty but in charming way.


It is difficult to talk too much about plot on an ‘episode’ that is incomplete but basically there are two parts. Firstly, there are the threats against the Duchess and secondly there is the mystery around the domes. For such a short novel the author does a great job creating the setting.


This book needs to be formatted correctly! It was such a mess to read that it was distracting more than once and messed with the flow. There are also quite a few grammatical and spelling errors and repetitive word use, but they were not nearly as bad as the formatting. It is important to note that this is fixable.

The writing itself was straight forward and easy to follow most of the time. The action scene was a little confusing but interesting and the author did a good job on the intensity. My biggest issue with an ‘episode’ piece was I was utterly lost on the logic/progression more than once. I didn’t see the point of Dana doing one this over another. Despite the drawbacks it had a great sci-fi world and I enjoyed the short read. Not to mention a really awesome title!


3 stars

This is a quite, mostly easy read that need a good editor and formatter. Great world building in this sci-fi that needs some fixes on logic and word use, but was fun despite those drawbacks.

I received a copy in exchange of an honest review.


One thought on “Deadman’s Planet: Lady Dana of the Badlands (Episode #1) by Alexandra Mars

  1. Alexmars says:

    Thank you for your review.

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