Midnight Over Moores (The Children of Carmen Chronicles Book 1) by A.M.H. Johnson

**This book CAN standalone**


Jenna Sheffield is an average girl from Savannah, Georgia. However, this year her life is about to change. She’s starting at a new, all-girls boarding school in the middle of high school. She’s having to learn how to deal with a roommate who seems more inclined to torture her than be friends. And on top of all that, she learns she has inherited her family’s ability to communicate with the dead, when the ghost of Christine Wedge starts to haunt her. All Christine wants is her body to be found, but this mystery is shrouded by 60 years of local legends and feuds. Can Jenna crack this cold-case, or will Christine drive her insane, or worse, kill her chances at getting into a good college?


Jenna is the main character and takes the spotlight for 90% of this book. She is interesting and for sure coming into her own as a young lady becoming a woman. She is very much the typical high school girl who moves halfway across the country. Oh and can see ghosts. I respected her immediately for the very gutsy move she made for her future. Her friend Sarah is a decent of Christine and is the big reason Jenna sees Christine’s ghost in the first place. Sarah and her brother are good supporting characters. Plus I liked the added conflict of Jenna’s snooty roommate Francesca.


This story had it all. Romance, a ghost story, some adventure, and a mystery. I don’t want to give anything away but the romance was very YA. It was cute and sweet. The turmoil that happens is realistic and not too far over the top. The ghost story was more in depth and the idea behind seeing ghosts even more so. Also I have to say I’m super pleased to say that the normal cliches with roommates who are jerks doesn’t happen here.


This is such a YA novel. Despite its silliness at times I really enjoyed it. The author did a good job of balancing the progression. I was a little surprised as how some of the story progressed because it was sudden when I thought the resolution would take longer. It took me a little longer to realize that the author was setting this up as an origin story – utterly brilliant. I don’t want to give too much away but I’m totally going to read this second book because if this is the author’s debut then they can only get better!

This book did need work on the grammatical and the word usage (one paragraph and most of the sentences started with ‘she’). Despite the simplicity of the writing, which was to be expected for a YA, it really didn’t detract from the excellent story telling. Not to mention the clever plot. I could have done without some of the romance but it was sweet and I eventually got over it.


5 stars

This book was not amazing literature but it was super charming and I just loved it. I read it every night and had to put my phone away and not stay up late. I enjoyed reading about Jenna and if you love YA books that are as much about romance as a good story (mystery/ghosts) then this a book for you!

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.





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