Titan Lost (Galactic Lineage) by Colin Kortekaas

**Doesn’t standalone**


The year is 2127. Mack (a contracted problem solver) has just awoken from a three year trek across our solar system, on an imperative mission to…well, solve a problem. A satellite orbiting Jupiter’s moon Io has intercepted an alarming message transmitted from a methane mining colony based upon Titan, the largest of Saturn’s 62 moons. For reasons unknown, communication has since been severed with the intergalactic-fuel-producing colony. The slow-burning methane fuel produced on Titan is vital for the mining of distant asteroids to acquire their precious resources, which a war ravaged, Ocean consumed, Earth, has become desperately depleted of. Upon arrival of the desolate moon, Mack soon learns that something has been uncovered, under the moon’s abysmal liquid-methane lake that will change humanity forever, and finally answer the age old question; are we alone in the universe?

Titan Lost is abounding with fast paced action, gore addled violence, and outlandish (Yet still scientifically believable) alien creatures that will no doubt prime your imagination. Despite clearly being written as a work of fiction, Titan Lost also manages to maintain a believable grasp on the science involved, without being overly technical, while shining a light on humanities moral struggles with the demons that we all face…even in the eternal darkness of space.


The book has a lot of characters and no clear POV – warning that the book zig-zags points of view. This is a mostly male cast with only one pretty woman who I appreciate the author at least made to be smart. Most of the main characters are men’s men. Very macho – sometimes over the top about it, but at least consistent.


Fun sci-fi plot. There are aliens, a crazy virus, and a cool mining facility on Titan, a moon of Saturn. Book is set up so that Mack is just arriving after something bad may or may not have happened and then the next chapter shows the mining facility and what is happening. Mack is there to ‘fix’ the problem for the owner of the mining facility on Titan.


The author does a good job describing Titan as the setting and making it feel real. I would easily say the ability to build the world around the characters was the author’s strength. The writing is a bit immature, and not really great for a novel. Actually I thought it would make a great graphic novel instead, reminded of old comic books with all its sound (whacks, dings, and other action sounds). The action scenes were great, but a little gory and a few were over the top (eyeballs pop out of heads).

Despite its over the top, macho men, and old comic book type style it was an interesting story. It isn’t a stand alone and the ending was a little rushed but made sense. I was actually hoping there would be more of a surprise ending but I did like it.


2.5 Stars (rounded up to 3)

Its okay. Despite its drawbacks it was a memorable and interesting read. It is very much for a male audience and would, in my opinion, have made a much better graphic novel.

Received a copy in exchange of an honest review.


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