The Zondon by Robby Charters


Ernie Magawan has been bothered by bazaar recurring dreams of outer space and a green crystal. He’s tempted to agree with his twin that he might be off in the head – until, during an archaeology dig, he finds the very crystal and realises he’s on an mission that started before he was born. The stability of the universe depends on their success. He has to find and wake up six others like himself…


There are a lot of characters in this book. Worse each of them have two names AND twins. It is not very easy to keep track of them. Ernie and May Lin are the ‘central’ characters but all of the seven Zondon’s are important. Although I felt like Rosa kind of got the shaft as far as ‘spotlight time’is concerns. The bad guy was interesting and had an interesting dynamic with the group. Hands down favorite character was the 12 year old boy Ibrahim.


This book had a plot too big for its britches. Just like there were lots of characters each of them had a background. The concept of everything on Earth coming from something else (from Gods to creation) was an interesting story. However, there were too many gaps for it to be enjoyable. The first part and the last part of the book were interesting – everything else was too drawn out and somewhat unnecessary in areas. It was a very slow plot in some areas and super rushed in others.

That being said the author did an amazing job making each place seem real. I don’t know if that was from personal experience or from research but I was impressed at the level of detail for each place and the languages/culture. Absolutely fascinating.


This felt like a history book at times – full of information dumps. Not to mention there was a narrator who sometimes talked directly to the audience but yet also delved into the characters to the point that it no longer felt like a narration. It was jarring at times. Not to mention the plethora of grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. Furthermore, the author pushed the idea of coincidence too hard to the point that it became contrived. Like what happens between Ernie and May Lin (I think I scoffed out loud at this one). In short this book needs work and refinement, but it could really shine! It is important to note that I did enjoy parts of this book.


2 stars

Overall I didn’t really enjoy this book. This book needs a lot of work. It has lots of potential and a fascinating idea but it isn’t ready. Still super impressed by the setting.

I received a copy in exchange of an honest review.


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