Above the Ether by Yemisi Aremu Otasanya

I received an Advanced Readers Copy. 


The climate was becoming fast unpredictable. United Nations had called for a global meeting with all world Leaders, to address climate change and the ongoing massively destructive natural disasters. CASA told them that human activities were the direct cause of drastic climate change. But Batu knows better. He is the MD of CASA and the prince of Pitaluna, the royal kingdom of PIT. The earth is falling fast and becoming more violent and unpredictable. Everything will change. The climate, the people and all else. The only hope for salvation is ascension. Earth has already fallen through 9 gates. A fall through the 3rd gate will spell doom.


There are two main characters; Diamond and Blanton. I liked Diamond instantly, she was a character that was easy to connect with. Blanton was also a vivid character. His actions really spoke for him. They were well defined and easy to relate to. Their families were also important. The author did an excellent job of giving them personalities without overshadowing the two main characters.

The theme of love between families was strong here and I really liked that. The one drawback was some of the dialogue. Every once in a while a character would say something and it felt out of character. It was a little jarring when that happened.


This is an interesting plot. It really sucks you in but could use some additional information in the beginning. The concept isn’t original but the world created around it is. The concept Earth falling through gates was fascinating. There were a few aspects that weren’t’ explained enough for me to understand what was happening 100% of the time, but most of the book I followed and understood.

Spoiler (don’t read unless you don’t mind finding out): There was an entire section that I didn’t understand the point of. Why did it matter if Sed was interested in Diamond romantically? I didn’t get it at all and felt like it was just to have a scene play out. I need a little more information as to why it mattered. 


The copy I received contained a ridiculously amount of errors. I’m assuming that most of those will be gone after the final revision. If they are this book will most likely read better. That being said I liked the characters and the world. The plot was interesting but the execution in areas was lacking. Also there are only 5 chapters and the chapters themselves are almost painfully long. Despite that it was an easy read that felt short and was a good science fiction read. It was a little surreal at times, but believably so.


3 Stars

It was okay. I enjoyed parts of it and am happy that I read it. It was a unique, short read. I’d recommend it to those who like a little more surreal science fiction where the ending is as ambiguous as the beginning.


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