Sunset Reads: William & Cristina by D.C. Triana


Within the doors of Sunset Reads William Jameson has come home to take over his mother’s New York publishing house after her death. He’s ready to turn things around when an electrifying encounter with the company’s sexy bestselling author makes him change his priorities to more sensual plans. While his cruel stepfather has decided he wants control of the company, William tries to remain focused as images of soft brown eyes and sensual lips continue to keep him up at night.

Cristina Cruz suddenly finds herself with part ownership of Sunset Reads. Not only has the previous owner left her with part of the publishing house, but also at the mercy of her son William, the company’s handsome new CEO, who seems to be determined to drive her crazy. Not only is he annoyingly attractive, but his alluring blue eyes continue to send shivers down her spine. Working side by side with him becomes all the more torturous as his enticing looks and their heated encounters send her senses reeling.


I really, really, really wanted to like these characters. Half the time Christina was running around throwing things and acting like a toddler in the middle of a tantrum and it just drove me nuts. I won’t even get into her super dumb moments. William was worse. He acted all over the place that he didn’t really have a personality because the moment I thought I knew who William was he would do something else. It was like the author wanted him to be too many things at once, many of which were contradictory, and it created an all over the place character that didn’t feel very believable. Christina was at least consistently crazy. Also I felt like Alyssa was more of Christina’s best friend based on what happened throughout the book, but apparently Layla was. The bad guy was the most consistent character in the entire book…and that says something in it of itself, but he too was a little over the top. Adele is great, the best character in the entire book.


Super cute idea, very romance vibe, but very contrived. The entire plot, sometimes unbelievable, forced the two characters together, again and again. For a debut novel it really wasn’t bad but the characters just ruined the plot for me. I love novels about writers, but it is a risky territory. The author did decent but there were times that my belief that Christina was a ‘bestselling author’ fell through.

That being said excellent sex scenes. Some of the banter between William and Christina were excellent. Some of the interactions of characters that weren’t between William and Christina were heartening. This book had some really good parts, which I could see all the potential of what this novel could have been.


The authors overuse of exclamation points and ‘…’ is what finally did me over. The writing was mostly sound but this book needs work. Perhaps it was the non-stop high emotions that really did me in. If you need lots of emotions in your books, this is a great book for you. For me it was just awful. If you want non-stop romance, argumentative banter, and over the top plot line, this is the romance for you! And I don’t mean that sarcastically, I know a few people who would love this book, it was just not for me. The author’s ability to put emotions onto the page to such an extreme really is a talent.


2 Stars

I didn’t like it. I didn’t hate it, but there wasn’t enough to like and this book needs too much work. I left this book feeling disappointed and annoyed. However, if you like highly emotional romances with over the top plots, this book is for you.

I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.


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