Hidden Design: The Prophecy by Tia Tormen and C.K. Stone


An ancient Prophecy, foretold millennia ago . . .
Child of the Traitor
Conceived in Betrayal
Shall pierce the Veil
And destroy the Hidden

Mikki Daneen is living the life she’s always dreamed but she hides an extraordinary gift–the ability to perceive her clients’ most intimate desires. A secret liaison brings death and destruction to Mikki’s life, but she’s not the only one in danger. Mikki must uncover the secrets of a culture she never knew existed, and expose the true betrayer. Will her psychic visions be able to help her find the evil that is driven relentlessly to slaughter, before it’s too late?


I guess Mikki was an okay character but for some reason I just couldn’t like her. There was something fundamentally missing from her for her to feel like a real character and for me to be invested in her. Seth seemed like he was trying too hard half the time and some of his actions didn’t match his words or what I think the author was trying to portray. The secondary characters weren’t great either 0 except for Paul. For some reason I really liked Paul.


Epic plot idea, totally in love with it, not as good of an execution though. The writing was easy to follow and there were limited errors, which was nice and made for an easy flow…if only the plot would have stayed where it was. This is for sure and erotica – no elements of romantica – it is full on erotica. My case in point? The plot was driven more by the titillating scenes then the plot driving the sex scenes. Don’t get me wrong the sensual scenes were well written and were darker (f/m, f/f, f/f/m). I would argue this was more of an erotica than it was a fantasy/thriller and that okay, but that wasn’t what I was expecting based on the way it was marketed to me. Sex sells for sure, I get that, but it needs to be marked that way or rewritten/worked.


I think this novel was having an identity crisis – it wasn’t sure what genre it wanted to be. Part of the problem I had was I thought this book was going to be one way, but it totally went another way. If I would have known going into this it was going to be more of an erotica, I probably would have enjoyed it more. The writing was easy to follow and the sex scenes were pretty awesome (though a little off of what I normally like it my erotica particularly the f/f/m scene).

I wanted to like these characters as much as I liked the premise of the plot, but I just found Mikki annoying. She made so many mistakes that I felt were more to force her into sexual scenes or drive the plot a certain way that just feel contrived. Honestly the book has potential; I really loved chapters of it, but hated others. The book stands alone well enough but I feel like there were still some unanswered questions that could make for interesting follow up reads, but I was satisfied-ish with this having enough of and ending to stand alone.


2 stars

I didn’t like it. This had so much potential but it was in the wrong genre and needs some refinement on the characters. There were a few fundamental flaws in the book for a debut novel but I have no doubt changing the genre and reworking it a little would have improved my rating. If the genre would have been right – this would have been a 3 star book easy (maybe even 4 if I could just like Mikki and Seth more).


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