The Rising (Supernaturals Book 1) by Ryan Troske


Ethan is just an ordinary teenage boy–infatuated with sports music and, of course, girls. Or so he thinks. Heading home on a rainy night from an amateur guitar gig, he finds his life turned completely upside down–literally. His car spins and flips out of control after what he believes to be a small animal jumps out in front of him. The horrific accident is only the beginning of a series of mysterious and seemingly unrelated events that will change his life forever.

After awaking in the hospital, and following an encounter with an enigmatic doctor, Ethan discovers that something that occurred during the wreck allows him to hear others’ thoughts, and even more perplexing, move objects with his mind. While trying to wrap his head around this mystery, he realizes he’s not alone. There are others out there with special powers. Not long after learning of this new world, Ethan’s ever increasing lack of control places those around him at serious risk. In order to protect those he loves, he makes the difficult decision to leave and accepts an offer to attend specialized training along with other so called Supernaturals to gain command over his newfound gifts. Shortly after beginning his schooling, Ethan is sent on a mission to kidnap who he believes to be the enemy leader in a well concealed Supernaturals war. But the further he becomes embedded in this new world, the more he discovers things are not quite what they seem and doesn’t know who can be trusted.

In this first installment of the Supernaturals series, Ethan discovers that super powers aren’t always so super, and is faced with difficult decisions that will not only affect his own life, but which may determine the life or death of his newfound companions and mentor.


This is a first person book – I don’t see many of them anymore and it was refreshing. Ethan is great, if not a little cliché at the beginning, but he getting a little more complex as he is faced with issues. Chloe could have used a little more developing at the beginning but I get why not. She was sort of a meh character. I thought she was going to fall off, but was a little disappointed when she didn’t I started chanting to myself ‘please don’t do a love triangle, please don’t.’ We’ll I’m going to ruin that for you – the author goes there. Thankfully it is just the start of one, but be warned.

After Ethan’s powers start, there are just so many characters! With how fast paced it is, I was going a little cross-eyed. That being said the author did a good job keeping them distinct. The one character who I just couldn’t get my mind around was Harold – he could have used a little more developing because he sounded just like Ethan at times. I sort of wish he had something unique he said time and again because when he did monologue it felt flat. James on the other hand was vibrant and very easy to distinguish.


Seen the X-Men? Not much new here. I didn’t hate the cliché though. I haven’t read a superhero book in a while so it was kind of fun. Luckily it was in the mood for a fast paced book and this one charges ahead without much downtime.

The level of foreshadowing in this book was a little over the top but I had to remember this was a YA. The worse part was there were no twists for me because of the foreshadowing. I’m pretty sure I figured out the big twist already in future books and I don’t think I’d read the second one. That all being said it was well written and easy to follow along. There were tons of fight scenes and the author nailed them.

It was the author’s absolutely strongest trait – hands down awesome action scenes that I could see playing out in my head.


Ethan is a typical high schooler…until. That is basically what this book is about – his origin story. Just be ready for the onslaught of secondary characters. Despite the unoriginal plot, the author wrote it well. I did laugh out loud once or twice, it was amusing more than once which was nice. I noticed that Ethan is a bit punny at times, but it works for him. Most times the pun works too. Despite some of the serious nature of the plot the author endeavors to keep it light hearted.

What really killed it for me was the love triangle. If I’d gotten this request though my blog and not as part of a review group I would have sent it back the moment there was a hint of love triangle. However, I can’t hold that against the book but those who hate love triangles be warned.


3 stars

It was okay. A decent read and I would tell anyone who was in the mood for a superhero story like the X-men to pick this up. What really ruined it for me was the overly predictable plot (I started to get bored at parts) and the avalanche of secondary and minor characters (some of whom were disappointingly flat like Harold who was a critical character). The humor, great action scenes, and the fact that it was well written meant it deserves its 3 stars.

Where did I get it?
The author sent me a copy in exchange for an honest review. More reviews at


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