Tooth Goblins by Ash Toroid


When Ellie’s older brother is turning thirteen, she want’s to see the ‘transformation’ into a teenager for herself. Ellie hides in a cupboard and waits and is shocked to witness her brother kidnapped by goblins and replaced with a clone. A passing Tooth-Fairy gets caught up in the commotion and talks to Ellie. Together they embark upon an adventure for Ellie to rescue her brother and, in doing so, help the fairies in thier fateful struggle against the Tooth-Goblins.


There are two main characters Ellie and Duncan. For some reason Duncan’s chapters are much better than Ellie’s; for whatever reason Duncan’s chapters just flowed better. They were also a little more interesting and matched the rest of the tone of the book. Sometimes I wasn’t sure that is what a 10 year old girl would do. The other characters supported the overall plot very well, except sometimes I felt Rayk’s chapters weren’t always necessary. I did like all of the fairy folk and the goblins, very interesting!


This is one of the cleverest books I’ve read in a while. The best part was most of it was plausible which added to the world building tremendously. At one point I thought ‘this could really happen.’ It was witty and laugh-out loud funny at parts. There were a few logical fallacies which would bring me right out the plot.

The bit about bringing Merlin into it and having Ellie and Duncan being their descendants and they were related to fairies and goblins – stroke of genius building all of it into the Tooth Goblins/Tooth Fairies plot. Even the wand and ring plays back into the story. I loved the plot, it was fantastic.


What wasn’t fantastic? The editing. This book needs so much work! It needs refinement and there was a spelling, grammatical, or punctuation error every other page (or at least it felt like it). I almost quit a few times and if it wasn’t for the decent characters and fascinating plot I would have. I mean the summary I took directly from Amazon, and it has 2 errors! It makes me wonder if they can’t take editing serious if they take their book seriously.

The writing itself needs an editor’s touch as well but is enjoyable. It did drag in a few areas and there were bits of the story I wasn’t sure was necessary (but may play into the bigger story arc).


3 stars

It was okay. This is a solid 5 star plot with 4 star characters but with 1 star editing. The editing was awful and I can’t recommend this to anyone because of how bad it is. The author needs to find an editor and quick! Patch that bit up and this book will really shine!

For ages 13+. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.


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