The Infinity Bloom by Katherine Espano


When children’s personalities begin to change ominously across the world after ceremonies with the infinity plant, Anna seeks to protect her family and eight-year-old niece. Adults are also changing, but they know how to hide in plain sight. After meeting Jake Kinley, a wealthy researcher, she is torn between him and the man she has known and loved since childhood. As Jake’s university department pulls her into its elite social set, she discovers everyone has secrets. From the Florida coast to a haunting manor on a Scottish loch, Anna faces questions: where is it safe, and what does it mean to be human?


I started out liking Anna. Throw in Dustin (with this temper), the new love interest Jake, and her niece Ellie into the mix as well as Anna’s good friend and it was a good cast of characters. At first Anna is somewhat bland, though well written, but was a solid character. I found that most of the characters didn’t stick out in my mind, but they were interesting and well described.

I guess the part that really threw me was Anna’s choice to constantly make the wrong decision. It got old to me, fast. There were a few parts where I had to put the book down and walk away. One of them I didn’t understand how any reasonable person would EVER make that decision and it lead to the character feeling fake!


Throughout the entire book there are pieces of information missing. You can fill in the bits but you know the author is purposefully keeping information from you. Yet the twists are pointed out in a very subtle way until bam, there is the twist. Problem was, the frequency of the hints made for anyone who paid any attention not be surprised by any of the twists.

This is not an original plot(body snatching by aliens), though an original idea on how it happens, is interesting. Particularly the bit about the children. The longer the book goes on the more the plot becomes interesting. Although I knew all the twists, I wasn’t actually 100% sure where the book was going to end.


This book was amazingly descriptive. It was like watching music, well done and utterly beautiful. Yet, despite its amazing writing, the plot itself was lacking as were the characters. I felt, more then once, that there were part of the book that weren’t at all necessary or were just there to add suspense, not progress the plot. Despite the flaws the plot actually improved throughout the book and I actually wasn’t sure where the author was going to end this story.


3.5 stars

I just can’t get it four – I only thought the plot was okay but the writing I loved. This author’s writing style was sublime, and more than once I said ‘that’s awesome.’ I look forward to seeing what this author comes up with in the future – with some refinement on plot and characters, this author could easily produce a work that is among the greats! If you liked Invasion of the Body Snatchers, this is an interesting parody but I would only recommend it that select group.


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