Oasis in the Clouds by C. Esther


Niri wakes up in a beautiful garden, and finds that she has no memories. She is sure she will spend the remainder of her days there, until an unknown friend comes to her aide and reveals the truth about her personal paradise. Discovering that she is Wicca, she embarks on a journey to learn about her powers, the extent of which surprises her at every turn. She must ultimately retrieve her memories and help the higher order of witches imprison the Wicca who stole her memories before she takes the kingdom for herself. A mighty task for a woman of only twenty.


These characters were neither one-dimensional nor developed but somewhere in the middle. They felt fake at times and real at others. The author couldn’t seem to strike a balance that worked. It was jarring and annoy. Niri was an okay heroine but there was no spark or fire in her that felt real. She fell flat for me – kind of like a limp noodle. I thought her sister was going to have a bigger role but by the end of the book she was a completely different character.

Sadly I wanted to like them but found myself sighing in frustration more often than not. Melody was the worst. I think the author wanted to make her a conflicted villain, but it just came off as pretentious. I scoffed at some of her remarks and inner thoughts.


Wasn’t anything interesting – even with dragons! It actually didn’t feel unique at all – very generic. I say that and then I immediately need to follow it up with saying I loved the ending. I nearly quit this book a number of times. It was difficult to read and the pages seemed to drag out. The plot had so much potential and then I felt like the author played it safe. No major twist (that wasn’t predictable) or deep meaning. This entire book felt shallow until the very ending.


I was disappointed. The book could have been amazing. It started out strong and quickly puttered out. Again I loved the ending – the plot had so much potential but the writing and other plot points just got in the way. It was like rolling a bolder up hill and the last 20% of the book there was a baby hill on the other side that was mostly enjoyable. The worst was the illogical pieces of the story. More than once I’d say ‘why would she do that?’ or ‘that doesn’t make any sense, no rational person would do that!’ I may have liked it more if the book wasn’t riddled with grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. This book had an almost unbearable amount – there is one on the first page! (Pales instead of pails.)


2 stars

I didn’t like it. Putting the grammatical and spelling errors aside, the plot and characters weren’t enough to redeem this book. The writing was very flat but had potential. There were a few parts that shone through and I’d think ‘if only there was a full book of this.’ Which makes me think this author has unrefined talent that shows potential.

This book is not stand alone and is part of a series. .


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