The Lost World by Michael Crichton


Something has survived…In 1993, an ambitious entrepreneur named John Hammond spoke four words which ushered in a new era of motion picture excitement and set worldwide boxoffice records…”Welcome to Jurassic Park.” Now, a few years later, Hammond makes a startling confession to scientist Ian Malcolm: another island of dinosaurs exists…an island where dinosaurs have been living and breeding in the wild…the Lost World.


Some of the characters you thought were lost after reading Jurassic Park are back. There are a few new characters, some of which are great and some of which seem over the top. There are of course two children that make their way to the lost world – both of which contribute to the overall story. Be warned, Ian Malcolm’s love of monologue continues in this book. Best new character of this book? Sarah Harding (she is way better in the book then the movie).


Was great but lacking in overall roundness. I felt as though the writer’s heart wasn’t as in it this time around. It had action, it had adventure, and it had dinosaurs but it just didn’t click like the other book did. Some of the death’s also felt more for scare tactics then story progression. The entire story progression revolves around the fact that Ian Malcolm willingly goes to the second island to rescue his friend that he didn’t tell about his experience on Jurassic Park. It seems a little weird because one conversation would likely have ended this entire book’s plot.


I still loved this book. You for sure have to read Jurassic Park first to appreciate it. Alan Grant makes a much better main character while Ian Malcolm is only an okay main character. Sarah Harding is who really saves this book, as well as Dr. Thorne. They are characters that are worth reading more so then Ian, although I still do like him (just not love him). The plot was interesting but felt thin at parts. More focused on the thrills then concrete plot progression.


4 stars

If you loved Jurassic Park you’ll enjoy this; if you only thought Jurassic Park was okay,  you’ll likely not. Regardless I’d still recommend it because despite its flaws it is an amazing read.


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