The Fall of the Gods by Nicola Bagalà


When new graduate Yuki Kashizawa moves to London for her PhD, she is certainly not expecting to be dragged into a mystery. At the Deverex Tower, an ultra-modern skyscraper and her new home, Yuki bumps into the extravagant Rupert Howards. He involves her in his personal investigation on the building’s former owner, Edwin Deverex, a brilliant scientist who vanished into thin air years before.

The prime suspect, Ayleen Marker, hides more than one secret, and the connection between the enigmatic past told in her dreams and Deverex’s disappearance is unlike anything Yuki and Rupert could ever imagine. The investigation takes an alarming turn when Rupert discovers that the Deverex Tower’s hidden technological wonders have fallen into the wrong hands…


Yuki and Aileen are the two characters you get to know the most about. Yuki is apparently very good at math and has a bit of a perfectionist complex. Aileen is confident but seems to be lost. Hexagon is interesting and is both complex and simple all at the same time. Judy, a young teenager, was the most vivid of the characters to me and gave Aileen more of a realistic feel. I liked most of the characters, except Yuki could be very contradicting sometimes.


The book tries way too hard to keep all of the ‘secrets.’ At lot of them it keeps until close to the end. It made it difficult because it wasn’t an actual ‘secret’ anymore once you got there. So there were no twists at all if you paid even mildly close attention. Which made everything seem way too long and drawn out. There were points where I caught myself sighing because big chunks of information occurred that I wasn’t sure was necessary.

It is difficult to speak to plot beyond that because this book is not self-contained. There are way too many things left unanswered. Honestly the best part of the book was the last few chapters. It finally got to the good stuff and made progress – there wasn’t any more ‘filler’ scenes.


The science felt pretty solid. I know enough about science to get by, aka I’m no expert, but this book explored areas that were fascinating. The characters and plot were interesting enough as well. My absolute favorite part, and the scenes that kept me from being completely bored, were Aileen’s dreams. The author expertly crafted hyperreal feeling dreams. Unlike the rest of the reality, the mystery of the meaning behind dreams (which seemed to be abstract) was the most interesting part! The author did an amazing job detailing the mystical world and the story around Aileen.

Star Rating

3 Stars

It was okay. I wasn’t gaga over the story or the characters. This book can’t stand alone and leaves tons of unanswered questions. There were long drawn out parts that I didn’t see the point of but perhaps it plays into the bigger story, however, it felt like the author was trying too hard to make a series out of what could have been condensed into one book. If you need every scene explained in great detail (so you love Tolkien or Jorden) and every thought included, this book is for you (just not for me)!


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