April – Not Much Time for Reviews

Hello my lovely followers! For those of you waiting for a review from me I’d like to start off by saying – I’m going slower then normal. April has been a crazy month for me. Not only is it my birthday month (yay me!), but I had a symposium where I was a vendor, I had a blog tour (thanks if you chimed in), and my husband is graduating. Woot! So real life has gotten in the way of my usually escapes into wonderful stories. (I don’t own the featured picture it is copyrighted by CB Lightworks but I’m somewhere in there and am posting it only to this blog.)


That being said, I’m still working on them and have a few lined up. Here is what is pending in order of my plan to read/review for my next 5 books:

The Fall of the Gods by Nicola Bagala – Finished just need to write a review.

The Secret of Sinbad’s Cave by Brydie Walker Bain – about 25% done.

Not Second Best by Christa Maurice – next in line and I’m looking forward to another romance.

They Mostly Come Out At Night by Benedict Patrick – Love this cover and concept!

The Gift-Knight’s Quest by Dylan Madeley – I am ready for some knights and their quests.

It is always first come first serve – I’ll update this with my next 5 after I finish more reading and more reviews!


I realized yesterday that I’ve started the 7th to last chapter of my Gate Trilogy. I can barely contain my excitement! I’m pretty sure I yelled “I can’t believe it!” I then proceeded to count it out 5 more times, which promptly lead me to start time-lining out the events for the 3rd and final book. I can’t believe in like 6 or so months I’ll finish writing this trilogy. My face hurts from smiling so much about it.

The Sixth Gate is due out sometime in 2017. It is going through editing by someone who doesn’t have my name and then I’ll post my first chapter up here for your viewing pleasure.

Frost Burn 

For the next week Frost Burn will continue to be free on Kindle Unlimited. If we get enough interest and reads we may leave it up longer – if not I’ll be taking it down off of Kindle Unlimited and putting it back up on Smashwords.

Unfathomable Chance

Unfathomable Chance will come back from the beta readers this month! I’m just out 2 of them. After that it is off to the professional editor! I’m also working on the cover art. I’m hoping to do a cover announcement in June! Check it out here: http://wp.me/P3LyhT-3z





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