Eronica Unbound by Scarlett Vaughn


Lady Eronica was a woman any man in the five kingdoms would have wanted: beautiful, strong-willed, submissively erotic, and beguilingly dangerous. Captured by an enemy pirate ship and on her way to be sold in a foreign land, she bides her time, as she endures bound pleasures she has been trained to enjoy. For in truth, Eronica is an agent of the crown, sent to get close enough to the heretic Sultan of Shebwai to empower her King to strike him down.

But matters are becoming complicated fast; the pirate captain, James Jovark, is more than he seems—certainly more alluring and possibly the only man who can help her. But once she is torn from his grasp and taken to the harem, she must do her best to hide from Shebwai’s dark magician. Complicating matters more is the Sultan himself, an equally attractive and powerful man with his own deep desires. When Eronica discovers that her King has been killed, she realizes she might have no means of escape from the harem. Now she is trapped in the Sultan’s realm, at the mercies of its fiendish pleasures and those of his terrifying Necromancer.

Warning: This is a fantasy tale of bondage, sex and erotic romance. This story was written to unlock your darkest fantasies and innermost desires; it is not your mother’s bodice-ripper. It contains a confident heroine in both consensual and reluctant sexual situations, including pirates, harems, an auction, a powerful Sultan, fellatio, cunnilingus, rough sex, group sex, S&M, a shape-shifting mage and more. All of the sexual descriptions found in this book are very explicit in nature. It is erotica intended for open-minded readers over 18 years of age. Read at your own risk.



The main character is Lady Eronica and she is anything but a lady. She loves her country and is willing to take on a dangerous mission to protect it. I like her willfulness but she has a lot of character flaws that felt convenient. She is shortsighted for one and doesn’t do a very good job of doing the job she set out to do. I would have liked to see her get herself out of a situation instead of just resigning herself to it or railing against fate internally and waiting for someone to save her.

Her little servant is basically a convenient companion and a sex minx. Not much in the way of personality until WAY into the book. The pirate captain is supposed to be a sort of anti-hero and at least he gets his own chapters so you can get glimpses into his personality. The sultan is the least interesting person in the book and felt like a board – you know what it is and it would fall flat if it something wasn’t holding it up.



This is an erotic and all about the sex scenes. The story is sculpted in such a way to support as many and varied steamy scenes as possible. It has adventure, intrigue, and romance but this book is all about the sex first and foremost. If you are looking for a fantastic plot and some steamy scenes – go elsewhere. This doesn’t apologize for being what it is nor does it try to hide what types of sexual moments it has – it hits on everything and is basically written porn.

Right out of the gate you’re slapped in the face with F/F which quickly turns into a threesome with a mix of bondage. That honestly sets the pace but it does get better. I didn’t like this book in the beginning but I expected character building and other information, not just straight into erotic scenes. Once I actually got a feel for the characters and the characters started to show emotions beyond raging sex animals I was more on board.

It really all changes once Captain James Jovark starts in. That’s when the characters, plot, and the steamy bits get good. Why? Because they develop feelings for each other. After that, the book is pretty good.


This book is an erotica through and through. Don’t look for fancy, clever plots but that’s okay. I went in with no expectations beyond there were going to be at least more than one erotic scene. I rolled by eyes at the beginning but if you can get past that it picks up. There is more plot, more character development, and as a reader I felt more invested.

This is a good book to read if you are in the mood for mindless reading and just need something to get the libido going. The erotic scenes don’t disappoint – they are described in detail. If you don’t like the regular sex play, there is a little bit of everything to feed in to some of the darker desires.



3 Stars

This is an erotica but if the author would have spent some time building characters at the beginning instead of tossing the reader into a threesome – this would have been a 4 star book. Beyond that it wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen before and felt that it was okay. It did what it was supposed to at a minimum – had steamy scenes and a passable plot. It deserves these 3 stars for the detail in the erotic scenes for sure. I personally like a little plot and character development before the book gets to the steamy bits.

As a side note, I noticed that Eronica is one letter off from erotica. Coincidence? I think not.

Where did I get it?

Received a copy through Erotica After Dark in exchange for an honest review.


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