The Wide Window (A Series of Unfortunate Events #3)

The poor Baudelaire children onto their most vivid adventure yet! This adventure was absolutely stunning and utterly miserable.

Klaus has to be exceedingly clever and stubborn that there is something there. The ‘guardian’ was a so set in her ways. Terrified and ridiculous. I loved her for all of it. Of all the guardians so far that the Baudelaire children have encountered, this one is afraid of everything. I wonder what she would have been like before her dear husband Ike died and if she might not have made a good home for the children.

Once more the children are up against Count Olaf and his tricks. Either he may get them or the cold meals every night will. An adventure with a sailing boat across the storm and hungry leeches. More misery and cleverness to be sure!

I loved this one. Just loved it. The house, the cool library, the guardian’s fears. I could picture all of it happening just as it was happening. From the sad clown restaurant to the leeches! I laughed more in this book then any other book.

5 Stars


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