Spinnings by Marian L. Thorpe

Spinnings is two short stories that takes you from native american hauntings to fairy-tale dreams.

The Spider’s Spinning: Christian is fascinated by a house. Curiosity killed the cat but it did something else entirely to Christian. In the short time you are with him, you get a feeling for his resolution to his own story.

In an Absent Dream: Claire is somewhere between want and need. She dances the line between truth and reality. You don’t necessarily identify with her because much of it remains a mystery but you are intrigued by her.

The Spider’s Spinning: Christian is looking for the house. A famous house that is old and holds many secrets. Christian will find out one of those secrets – to his own end. A form of end at least.

In an Absent Dream: You are dropped right into the middle of the main character’s recounting of events. You follow it along and believe you are reading something left for someone else to find. But where is she going?

Spider’s Spinning deserves 5 stars. It is creepy and expertly executed. In an Absent Dream was a little confusing at the beginning and somewhat jarring but it quickly improved and is a solid 4 stars. It really was vividly told and allowed the reader to quickly grasp Claire’s life. The poem is quaint and is a nice intermission between the two. Overall I loved it and would recommend it without hesitation to others.

5 Stars


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