New Year Update – A little late…

Things have been absolutely nuts for me. I accepted a big promotion back in November and there have been so many things to fix and get a handle on. Writing and my blog posts have been worked on whenever I am not bone tired from work (which wasn’t much these last 3 months). That being said here are some updates:

Frost Burn

This beautiful book is finally done. I am so excited to report that it was released the last day of 2015 – December 31st. It is up everywhere and only $0.99 on kindle. We’ve already got some great reviews up and I’m happy to report they are all 3 stars or more!

You can read the first part for #free on #wattpad. Just click on this link: Frost Burn

Love’s Metamorphosis

I’ve completely put this novella up on Wattpad. I won’t be posting about this anymore since it is #complete. It was such fun to put something up for free that wouldn’t have gone anywhere else. I am debating right now what my next Wattpad story should be. ^_^

In Progress Book – The Gate Trilogy

Continued work in progress of the second book. I am happily over 40,000 words in and am about halfway through give or take.For those of you who actually read these posts you’ll notice a change – this is no longer going to be two books but 3. These books have an absolute life of their own and are demanding to be a trilogy. This started off being one book…but then I had a whole plot come to life for a 2nd book and about 35,000 words in to book 2 I realized that the way it was going to end leads directly into a 3rd book. So now I’m half way through book 2 and making notes on what book 3 will look like!

Happy to report that I’ve made progress (mostly in the last 2 weeks) on editing book 1. The Sixth Gate will come out sometime in 2017. I’ll post chapters as they get edited in the next few months or so.

Unfathomable Chance

I’ve settled on a final publish date for Unfathomable Chance – it will be September 2016. It is undergoing final rewrites and beta reading. I’m working with an illustrator to get a cover done for this now that I know exactly what I want. Stay tuned for a posting on the cover reveal!

Unfathomable Chance is a Young Adult Urban Fantasy. You can check out the tentative summary (rewriting that now as well) and one of the chapters here: Unfathomable Chance

Honest Hearts Collection – An Honest Intent (tentative name)

I’m still writing on my second book for the romance collection. These are historical novels across the ages all about romance and overcoming obstacles to make it happen. This is the second book in my planned Honest Hearts Collection. I’ve already started plotting out an outline for the 3rd book.

An Honest Intent (tentative name) is my  more tragic story of the 3 I have planned. It follows Abigail, a young girl who is sold by her greedy uncle for her excellent breeding to a rich merchant. Having to pretend to be something she is not, Abigail is torn between the freedom marriage gets her and the constraints of her own lies. Abigail knew everything she was doing is a risk but she doesn’t expect that she is also risking her heart. This is a bittersweet story of love, betrayal, and being honest with ones heart.

Current word count: 18,000

Taking on Reviews


I’ve started reviewing books for my fellow indie authors. Have had some great ones and some okay ones and some not so great ones…but hope to do tons more! You can find my review guidelines: Here.

Reviews done recently:

Gaylord, Adam – Sol of the Coliseum (Fantasy) (Review) (Amazon) (4 stars)

Lopez, Sandra – Beyond the Gardens (Romance) (Review) (Amazon) (2 stars)

Miller, R.G. – The Twins (Mystery) (Review) (Amazon) (3 stars)

Thorpe, Marian – Empire’s Daughter (YA Fantasy) (Review) (Amazon) (3 stars)

I also did a Wattpad book review. Wattpad book reviews are on a completely different scale then published books. They don’t have as stringent requirements nor do I have as ‘high’ expectations in regards to grammar and a polished feel. That being said I expect to be able to read it and still enjoy it as though I was reading a published book.

Uninvited by SheHopes – (Review) (Paranormal – 4.5 Stars)


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